Friday, October 16, 2009

29 September 2009

Yesterday ws supposed to be the weekly IT PMO meeting for status update but was postponed to 5 October. I was quite relieved to hear that because our presentation slides was not ready and there were a number of issues still not iron out.

My friend and colleague Chin Aik has been offering me moral support decided that I should consult a fortune cum fung shui Master to check on my fate. We had planned to visit Bahau where the Master is based at about 3pm. We arranged to meet at Endah Parade where I parked my car and traveled in his car. As luck would have it, Chin Aik had to go for a meeting and we could not go to Bahau. After the meeting it was too late to travel and he then told me about his alkaline water filter. I have not heard about such water filter before but he was convinced by the shopkeeper that it was good for him. He bought his unit at RM4K+ about 8 years ago. Apparently before he bought the unit, the shopkeeper offered to supply him free of charge the water for a few weeks on condition that he take his cholesterol level test before and after drinking the alkaline water. Not only did he recorded lower cholesterol level, he noticed that his blood has become thinner. You see he even had trouble taking blood for tests as it was very thick. He also noticed that when there was a wound in his finger, not only the wound would not heal, it had actually grown in size - a sign of getting diabetes. But all this problem went away when he consumed the alkaline water. Later he also introduced me to a friend who was taking a natural enzyme supplement Probiotics Ohhira Mountain Fruits Extract.

For me, the alkaline water was good since my body is very acidic and an alkaline environment would not be conducive for the tumors. So, I asked him for more details of the benefits of alkaline water. He quickly surf the Internet and then read out a document the quickly summarised the benefits. In the article, there was a mentioned about an educational DVD called "Healing Cancer From Inside Out". I took the title down and began to search for the DVD in the Internet later in the evening.

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  1. Ah Chang, your positiveness and courage will heal your situation.

    Keep your faith strong and I will pray for your speedy recovery. You can overcome this obstacle !

    Stephen Yii