Tuesday, October 20, 2009

14 October 2009

Later today I will be traveling to Singapore for see an Oncologist at the National University Hospital. So far my treatment options are:

1 - The Tung Shin Hospital Urologist say I can remove the right kidney but may not help my condition while the other Selayang Hospital Urologist says there is no point as the liver may also be infected. There may be complications and I may not survive the operation.

2 - Surgery on the lungs and chemotherapy has been ruled out.

3 - Go on the experimental drug program and hope the drug company will sponsor some of the costs.

My Selayang Hospital Urologist had set me up for an appointment with the Hospital Kuala Lumpur Oncologist on 19 October 2009. I wonder what the Oncologist in Singapore will have to say?

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