Sunday, August 8, 2010

Walking The Unknown Path

July 2010 is considered the begining of a new period for me because around this time, I experience pain around the shoulder and back area and subsequently discovered a lymph note on the left collarbone area. The pain around my shoulder area has improved slightly and although there is pain, I am not awaken by the pain like I had before.

Occasionally, the kidney tumor give me a tickle of pain and mostly happens during coffee enema time. I think adding of snake plant herbs to a few of some of my juices are bringing some positive changes. I feel I am in control now compared to previously. My mother revealed that over 50 years ago when she was in her 20s, she had a small lump in one of her breast and she just boil the snake plant herbs with water and drank it until it disappeared.

I do get a cough every now and then only when there is something to expell. The good news is that chest area is clear and pain free during the coughs. Beside the mouth ulcers, I think I am starting to develop sore throat and I will use the hydrogen peroxide ear cleansing method to keep it under control.

As you have seen, walking this journey is really not easy and ocassionally I do fall down hurting myself. Sometimes it is easy to get back on my feet but at other times, I require a longer period to recover. The fact that the body is laden with so many tumors all over sometimes makes me wonder if it is possible to save it. I have seen how all my six specialist doctors' reaction and even without the kidney tumor, they would say I will not survive and yet this journey has given me some hope.

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