Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seize The Day!

I got my blood test results yesterday and although as expected, the old problems of the liver still exists the readings has improved a little bit. However, this time round I am low on iron and as such my RBC was also slightly below normal. I had expected this result because for the last two months, I noticed slightly higher traces of blood in my urine. In any case, the overall results shows an overall drop.

I have been focusing a little more on my lungs for the past few months and now I will also try and deal more with the kidney tumor. I started the CA Care therapy and so far the reactions has been quite mild. After taking Capsule A (mainly Rodent Tuber herb) I would get a little stomach upset. Overall the herbs are not difficult to drink, a little bitter (not as bitter as my Snake plant leaves) but it does take patience and time to watch over the fire as the herbs are simmered. As a result, my daily routine has been sort of disrupted as I learn about the timing required for preparing and drinking the herbs. This is because although the drinking of tea can be any time of the day, it should be consistently kept at the same time. Also, the mixing of tea to boil at the same time is not allowed. So, I split the drinking time to one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I am thinking of taking something for my liver as well and that would mean taking Capsule B and also drinking of yet another herb. Preparation time for each herb takes about 45 minutes on the average.

The body experienced a little upset when the herbs are drunk but only for a while. Otherwise everything is still normal. Ever since I reduced the Snake Plant leaves to 7 (previously 12) leaves, the pain on my lower back has reduced somewhat. This is because Snake Plant is a cooling herb and the effect is the back pain (normally more felt in older people).

Yesterday morning, I bump into an old friend during my morning walk. I have not seen her for a while now and have been trying to get in touch with her for the last one year. I am really glad to see her but she has lost weight since going on a new health diet. She looks thin but healthy. It's good that some of my friends are taking positive action to improve their health. Have you started?

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