Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scan Results @ 26 August 2010

The results are mixed but overall, I think it is a good result. I have made some changes in the way I report so that it is easier to compare the results.

Chest Scan

T6 Area
The nodule is now smaller, an improvement of 15% to 3.9cm x 2.8cm.

- The lymph node at the aortic hiatus is now smaller by 26% to 2.8cm x 1.9cm.
- The left nortopulmonary node is also smaller by 64% to 3.3cm x 1.9cm.
- 20 (24) and 21 (21) metastic nodules are seen in the right and left lungs respectively. Previous number of nodules in bracket.

Overall slight improvements. As I used Tung Shin Hospital, it is not possible to do a comparison for some areas due to different scanning methods used by Assunta Hospital. It should be noted that any nodule exceeding 1cm, according to my doctor is not good. This is the area that will get me killed if the nodules grows.

Abdomen & Pelvis Scan

Right Kidney
- Inhomogenuous tumor has enhanced by 48% to 15xm x 9.5cm x 12.5cm.
- no other new developments on other areas and appears to be clear.

It should be noted that the tumor is not a mass with fixed dimensions. Nevertheless, the increase is not a good sign. Previously the longest length was 12.5cm.

Action Plans
The results tells me that my therapies are somewhat effective. I am still happy with the results, particularly on the lungs area which is critical to my survival. I will be reviewing the homeopathy therapy after meeting my doctor on 3 September 2010. As for Gerson Therapy, I have been following as closely as possible and I think will remain as my anchor therapy. But I recognise that I have to do more to get more effective results. I will be adding a new therapy (will talk about it tomorrow) starting tomorrow, something that I have been reading for the past few months and also after getting information from a cancer survivor, JC from New Zealand.

Overall, I think I am still in a better position than when I started in September 2009 because of the improvements in the lungs area.

As a side note, one of my urologist recommended that I take the drug Sutent which if effective would achieve about the same results as above. Sutent does not cure but prevents the tumors from growing. It would probably cost me RM160K (US$50K) and a host of other side effects.

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