Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday Blues

Yesterday morning started out good. At 10.15am I took two tablespoons of castor oil and drank my cup of organic coffee. Then had a slice of papaya. Within minutes, the stomach starts to churn as it would in all my castor oil enema days. I was feeling a little uncomfortable around the stomach area and after lunch, I would expect bowel movements. For the first time, that did not happen and I thought maybe the afternoon enema would help to clear things out of the stomach. It did not and the stomach discomfort continued to dinner. Meanwhile with a bloated stomach, doing subsequent juices and food intake was a little difficult. I quickly had dinner and then did my night enema. Finally, the discharge did come out and I felt a sense of relief. If that did not work, I would have to do another clear water enema to flush it out.

After enema, I lay down to rest on the bed and after a while, noted my heartbeat starts to beat irregularly. As a result, it affected my breathing and I quickly got up and sat on the bed and the heartbeat became regular back. It must have been some pressure around the chest area which becomes apparent as I lie down that must affected the heartbeat. I decided to lay down again and come to terms with the irregular heartbeat. By managing my breathing, I managed to calm the heart down and the heartbeat became more regular. I have no idea what caused it though some suggested it could be due to low calcium/magnesium balance.

During late afternoon hours while waiting for the bowel movements and while trying to cheer myself up , I chanced upon some very old 1970s movies in Youtube. It starred Chen Chen (甄珍), one of my favourate actress which I became infactuated when I was 15 years old. I used to watch most of her movies at Sentul Theatre which is just about next to my school. Those days, a movie would costs about RM0.40. Watching those old movies certaintly brought back old happy memories. That's how I learned my Mandarin.

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  1. Chen Chen, Chin Han, Lin Chin Hsia, Alan Tang....those were the days, my friend......

    Take care....