Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snake Plant Experiment

As you know, I have added Snake plant leaves into my carrot+apple juices everyday. This is an experiment that I carried out in early August 2010. Unlike the Rodent Tuber plant, not much has been written on the preparation and application of Snake Plant leaves as a cure for cancer. This experiment has been going on for about 3 weeks now and as you know, I did not die from it, but use this formula at your own risk. I will now detail what I did.

Week 1
Started with 3 Snake plant leaves. Juice became bitter but not a problem to drink. Observation is that the body felt better, more in control. Meanwhile, body is also in pain, not sure it this was caused by the Snake plant leaves. As I started the experiment, my energy levels were coming down. Coffee enema discharge same as before.

Week 2
Increased the number of leaves to 6, juices became more bitter but still can drink. Varied the Snake plant leaves with dried leaves version. Found that fresh leaves more bitter than dried versions, so reverted back to fresh leaves. Meanwhile body pain increased somewhat but could not draw conclusion if it was related to this new addition of leaves. Coffee enema discharge looks normal like before.

Week 3
Increased dosage to 10 leaves. Juice became even more bitter and a little difficult to drink. Body pain continued and as the week progressed, body pain started to come down a bit. Noticed absence of mouth ulcers. Noticed more blood clots in phelgm discharge for a few days. Coffee enema discharge became very smelly. Appetite increased, eating more than usual.

Week 4
Just 1 day into week 4, increased dosage to 12 leaves. Juice very bitter now but still can drink and eat a slice of fruit afterwards. Stomach also complained a little and coffee enema discharge is also very smelly. Overall body pain coming down a little but back pain around the waist increased somewhat. Energy levels improving.

I think the optimum is between 12 and 15 leaves. It is not good to increase your intake too much because you do not know how your body will react and as more toxins are released, your body may not be able to detoxify itself fast enough. Please note I am no herbalist, so I stand corrected.

Currently I am feeling very good, well still with some body pain. To give you an idea of how much pain I am going through, from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most intense, I would grade my pain between 4 and 5, sometimes to 7 once in a blue moon. That's why I said I have no grounds to complain. I am celebrating life everyday.


  1. Hi Mr. CT Chang, I'm wondering are you still taking the snake plant? Did they work for you? I read some of your more recent posts. Stay strong!

    1. No. It did not work for me and I have stopped taking it for more than 18 months ago.