Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thunderstorms Ahead

This morning I was awaken by the pain around my back. For the first time of about a year, I think my kidney tumor is giving me some short throbbing pain lasting for a few seconds. As a result, I was rather tired and did not go for my qigong exercise. As I was preparing my juices, the throbbing pain became more regular. I think today is going to be a painful day. So the next thing I could do is to step up my coffee enema.

I do know know what to make of the latest development except that I may be going through another bout of painful period. I had expected this because from blogs of others, they have also been through such a period. Notwithstanding the pain, I am still smiling and going about my daily routine. I do not get depressed easily. I have been though difficult and painful times and will know how to handle this round as well. I am cheerful because I am happy to be alive, to have another day to improve my condition. My lungs are clear and I am still strong enough to go about daily activities without problems.

The neighbour behind my house is a Malay family. They employ a maid who does the cooking everyday. The problem (actually all mine) is that she make such good curries and you could smells it a few doors away. I spent 70% of my time in the kitchen and hence gets food torture everyday!

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