Monday, August 30, 2010

Grappling With New Routine

When I woke up early this morning, my throat was really dry and also tasted kind of bitter. The tongue has some white coating and I think this could be a sign of the body being too "cold". I think after about one month on Snake Plant leaves, my body may not be able to withstand the cooling effect. My back kind of hurts when I bend. So I will start to lay off using Snake Plant leaves for a while to allow the body to recover. Meanwhile, the new herbs are also giving me some new problems, particularly Capsule A (contains Rodent Tuber). If taken on an empty stomach, I would sort of get some gastric discomfort and subsequently, I would also get this stabbing effect between my shoulder blade area for a few seconds. The chest would feel a little compressed when the herbs are taken. But all these are good healing effects according to the book, so there is nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, the local consultant of CA Care Subang Jaya center after consulting Dr Chris Teo has recommended I take Capsule B and the liver herbs as well to protect the liver from being getting worst. Like the pancrease, this is a very important organ and most be protected in order for the recovery to take place faster. I will be possibly taking specific blood tests periodically to check the progress of my herbs. CA Care has specific arrangements with Pathlabs and we get substantial discounts on the tests. This is far cheaper and less invasive than CT scans.

Most of my pain are now on the shoulder, between shoulder blade areas and on the lower back and buttocks. Light massages helps but it does not interfere with my daily activities. With the new herbs that I am taking, I will monitor for changes. Meanwhile, I really have a lot of fluids to consume, not less than 4.5 liters per day from juices and herbs! I am trying to arrange a new routine but I think all the herbs should be taken by lunch time so that I would not have to get up all night to go for my night urine.

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