Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Striving On

Although things has sort of stabilised, yesterday evening just about the time when I was about to retire to bed, there was some twitching pain which lasted about 5 seconds on the left side of my chest. After lying down for a while, the twitching repeated itself once and did not disturb me for the rest of the night. I am still avoiding sleeping on my right side as after sometime, the pressure of the body would cause a little pain around the right abdomen area.

There are still some lingering back pain around the shoulder blade area as with the pain around the neck and shoulder area. Somehow for the last two weeks, there are also pain around both my legs. These pain are not sharp and is more like the pain you get when you have flu.

Body wise, I feel good. Weight has not dropped and looks like there are some fighting inside the body. The blood clots in my phelgm has been minimal. My appetite is very good, always hungry. Basically I have no reason to complain.

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