Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Can It Be?

The pain on my back seems more regular now. However, it's still bearable and only becomes a nuisance towards early morning at around 5am. I would wake up and then reposition my back and the pain would ease. The stabbing pain from the kidney tumor continued for the whole of yesterday morning but subsided towards lunch time. I did not notice any blood in my urine. Although the chest is clear, I have been coughing a little and noticed small traces of blood clots in my phlegm but does not happen in every cough. Now, the pain around my left shoulder blade is a little more apparent when I am sitting down or standing though it is not painful enough to disturb my daily activities. It kind of reminded me of the March-May 2010 period, a painful period for me.

Although I have been examining my body for signs of lumps, I only started to examine my front neck are about 2 weeks ago when I was lying down to do coffee enema. I felt a little soreness around my neck for a while now, like in my pre-cancer days, so I started to look for any development around my neck. Perhaps it has been there all this while waiting for me to discover.

I have been reviewing the things that I ate for the last few months. My diet has been quite consistent. Anyway with that development, I need to make some changes to my food (already change lunch/dinner and stopped taking any kind of fruits that are sweet such as mangoes, mangosteens and red apples). My mother has been bugging me to add a little snake plant leaves to my juice for a few months now. I was not aware that she had that plant somewhere in the garden and I thought why not? I have taken it before and if I want some different results, then I must do things differently. I started taking it together with two of my juices since yesterday. Call it a mind fix or what, I can feel some improvements already.

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