Friday, August 6, 2010


I am back. Last few days, I was injured when I fell down from the confidence ladder. I sustained a few mental bruises here and there and coupled with the castor oil enema, my mood was really down. Yesterday was worst as I felt like dying. Although I did have a bowel movement earlier, the stomach kept bloating. The madness had the better of me as I quickly prepared to do the afternoon enema, raised the enema bucket much higher than recommended while franctically stirring the castor oil to make sure it mixed well with the coffee inside the bucket. A raised bucket would make the coffee and castor oil flow faster into the colon as I wanted to end the misery and get back some sembalance of sanity which I had expected at the end of the enema.

Phew, some relief came when I completed the enema as I endured 4 hours of castor oil torture. I never like doing castor oil enema not because there are lots of work and messy to clean afterwards, but because after consumption of the castor oil, my stomach would churn. I would feel very uneasy and sometimes only get relief after a bowel movement, normally 3-4 hours later.

System check. Weight has increased by 1kg since last Friday. Check on the buttocks revealed that no noticible muscle loss. I think my buttocks is a good barometer. Chest is clear and no pain around the area. Shoulder blade pain still persisting and makes sleeping a little difficult. No problems eating or drinking juices. Mouth ulcers on the mouth cleared but a new one forming towards the inner tongue. Mood is good and confidence improving. Working hard towards the next CT scan.

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