Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Sad Story

Currently, I think I am undergoing another detoxifying phase after adding the Snake Plant leaves to my juicing. My coffee enema discharge has been smelly ever since, something like that when I first started the therapy. At one stage, the coffee enema discharge has become so mild and I was wondering if I have to reduce it further. Last few days, every morning after I wake up, my body aches and after breakfast and the morning juices, I would quickly perform the morning enema. After that, I would feel very good and the body pain would go away.

My qigong master is now in China to upgrade his knowledge on the subject matter and will be away for about 2 weeks. So I will not be attending class during this time but practice at home. He said he will impart new exercises to us when he comes back. Anyway during the next few days, I will also be very busy with my scan and also trip to Singapore.

Yesterday I spoke to my neighbour two doors away something I have not done for the past few years. We just usually waive at each other because most of the time when we meet, both of us will either be going out or just came back. Our hours are different. He noticed that I have lost weight and also seems not working and wondered why? So I told him about my cancer. He was surprised to see me so active and full of energy. Later he related to me his cousin's case. His cousin first wife died of cancer and later he remarried his current wife, she too now has cancer. Over the years, he spent thousands to cure his wives conventionally and he also tried other alternative methods that will give his wife a chance. The latest, he squandered RM12K (US$3.8K) to see a Taiwanese Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Subang Jaya. Still no results. Now the wife have to undergo a operation to insert tubes into the body. In the process, his cousin has almost bankrupted himself. I told him about Gerson Therapy that I am doing and he has not heard of it even though he runs an oranic cafe cum shop. He was impressed by looking at me and that I do not look sickly like his cousin's wife. Anyway I loan him my book, A Cancer Therapy in the hope that there is still time to save his cousin's wife.

An appeal to all of you able bodied people, please look after your health. Take action before it's too late. Besides this message, please pass the message to people that you know, effective alternative cancer cure need not be expensive. I believe the more expensive the treatment is, the more likely it is to fail. I will talk about one alternative cancer therapy (not Gerson Therapy) this Friday.


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  2. Just visited your blog and read some of your stuffs. Wow! What can I say?

    I just want you to remember it's great to be alive. Treasure what you have and live life to the fullest. Evertime you feel sad, think of thousands of people like me all over the world trying so hard just to live another day and you will realise that you really have no reason to be sad.