Sunday, August 1, 2010

Managing Life

The last two days, I was awaken by the shoulder area pain at about 4am - 5am in the morning. Sometimes I wonder if it is posture related because the shifting of positions does not always work. So far the only thing that always work is when I get up and the pain eases immediately.

Anyway the only thing left to do is to continue with the therapy and wait for the scan. From the Homeopathy prespective, my doctor said I am making good progress. From Gerson's prespective, it also appears good. The body feels good, weight stabilised, no problems with intake of food, chest area seems clear, breathing is normal and the only exception is the pain every now and then that disrupts my sleep. When you are doing Gerson Therapy on your own, rests is a premium because there are so many things to do in between juices and also not enough time to just lie down to take a short nap. I am lucky because I managed to withdraw a portion of funds from my Employees Provident fund (before retirement age) to do this therapy. Unfortunately I have to pace my financial resources so that I can still continue with this therapy and meet other obligations. That is why I did not consider the option of hiring help. When you have no income, any expenses you saved is your income.

My brother told me the other day, the drug Sutent for kidney cancer is now on 1 year offer i.e. the patient pays for two months (RM24K per month) supply and the drug company pays for the 10 months. No mention of 2nd year onwards and if this drug works, you have to use it for the rest of your life. While I view life as very important, I have adopted a different view of it when it comes to my own life. Long ago, I wondered if I would bankrupt myself to cure myself of terminal illness and I have decided rationally back then I will not. Now that I am in that position, my views have not changed. This is also in line with my Buddhist training and I am glad to repay my karma in the very life. I have already lived longer than my doctors expectations and in a very good quality of life, free to travel and free from side effects except for some healing reactions.


  1. I just want you to know that you are an inspiration. I keep re-reading your Buddhist Pilgrimage because I intend to visit India soon to trace the steps of the Buddha.

    I wish you well from my heart.

    Martin (Wales, UK)

  2. Dear Martin,

    Thank you for your wishes.

    I hope you do go to India and see for yourself and be inspired like I did. I hope the notes that I prepared are helpful and if you need more information, please email me.

  3. Dear Martin,

    I have corrected lots spelling errors and also provided some new inforamtion.

    I wish you and your friends a very happy, pleasent and safe trip. May you be well and happy always.

    Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!