Friday, August 20, 2010

Relaxing Ahead Of Weekend

We have come to the end of the week again. Nothing much has changed. Both my legs are still in pain especially the muscles on my right leg just above the knee cap. Back pain is still lingering off and on. I will decide the next course of action when I complete the scan on 26 August. I have some action plans laid out and I just need the scan to confirm the status of my body before carrying them out. Most likely there will be a change in my therapies but Gerson Therapy (GT) will still be the anchor therapy. Maybe I cannot carry out the therapy 100% as recommended, the results have varied but it is still effective. So what I am doing is just adding a new complementary therapy and I have found one.

I have read the 1999 revised edition book of Dr Chris Teo Cancer, Yet They Live!. This book is very informational and contains many cases studies to support the therapy being advocated. It also contains useful information about the plant, Rodent Tuber. One Indonesian actually cured his wife of cancer by just administering the Rodent Tuber plant juice only after reading the book. This book does gives hope to those afflicted with cancer. A recommended read.

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