Friday, August 13, 2010

Once In A While

Yesterday evening after dinner, I was feeling unwell. I also felt like vomiting. Subsequently there was this heartburn like sensation around my chest area. So after a short break, I started doing my night enema. The enema did help to reduce the symptoms and this went on for the rest of the night. Of late, I have been sneezing like crazy. As I lay in bed to sleep, I was breathing rather slowly because of my half blocked nose. The sleep was not deep as I toss and turn the whole night.

This morning at about 5am, I was awaken by a dull pain on my back, just below the shoulder blade area. Just when I thought this problem is behind me, it started to reappear. I did not sleep well last night and the symptoms that I had the night before carried on till this morning. So I was wondering if I should go for my qigong exercise or quickly boil coffee to do an early morning enema? I settle for qigong exercise but I felt like having a concussion around my chest area, so I was not able carry out my qigong exercise effectively.

I am now preparing coffee to do the morning enema. I hope after the enema I would feel better. In any case, this is just one of those days and they do come once in a while.

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