Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Therapy

A friend left me a message at Facebook the other day to read the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. I could not find the book and instead managed to see the video on Youtube. This is a recommend watch. Well, some of techniques discussed are used by me when I decided to save myself after walking out of my urologist's office about two hours later when he said "there is nothing I can do for you". It is with these attitudes that I am able to do all that I am doing now and get up every morning smiling and happlily doing the therapies. There are occasional lapses but nothing that cannot be handled.

I have been reading up on some alternative therapies for quite sometime now because I realised that I will need to supplement my existing therapies. Why would I want to do this? I like the way Dr Kelly explained in his book, DIY: one answer to cancer "...He maintains that extreme measures are required when you have allowed your health to fall so low that your have left yourself vulnerable to cancer... You take so many pills because Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program leaves nothing to chance." Likewise, I undestand the limitation of my present therapies and hence want to enhance it by not leaving anything to chance too. Despite my health condition, I am not about to jump into any therapy no matter how promising it sounds. I am those people who needs to read, understand and evaluate before I take up any therapy. I admit my understanding of homeopathy is very shallow and mainly depended on the recommendation of a personal friend. I am now reviewing this therapy as well.

Although I have said my latest scan result is good but it could have been better especially for the kidney tumor. One of the attributes to remain in positive territory is to anticipate outcomes and plan for them. In this way, no matter if the outcome is positive or negative, an action plan is there to deal with it. This is how I managed to stay ahead of things. I will be adding a new therapy with effect from today. The therapy that I have chosen is the Cancer Care Therapy formulated by Professor Dr. Chris Teo of CA Care. You can find more information about CA Care here. This therapy suits me fine because it can blend and complement Gerson Therapy. I treat taking of the herbs as supplements in between juices. As for the costs, it is reasonable as the price you would pay for in normal Chinese medical hall and falls between RM600 (US$190) to RM1,000 (US$315) per month depending on what type of cancer one has. It looks high because you have to take the herbs daily and each dose of herbs costs about RM8 (US$2.50). For commercial reasons and to prevent people from copying the formulas and call it theirs, the herbs are grinded into power form instead of their raw form. They have been helping cancer patients for more than 15 years now and have many successful stories to tell. If you want to try Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may want to consider them. Better still read Dr. Chris Teo's book, Cancer, yet they live! first to understand his therapy better.

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