Monday, August 9, 2010

Moving On

Body pains around the neck and shoulder area will continue until the lymph node problem can be effectively dealth with. Currently my neck and shoulder areas are just like in my pre-cancer days, stiff and painful. So yesterday I went for a light massage, hoping the rub will give me some relief. It does during the massage but suffer some post massage pain too.

My scan later this month and my meeting with my oncologist on 2 September would give me some options what can be done. Depending on the outcome of the scan, I also have been thinking about enrolling myself in the Gerson Clinic either in Mexico or Budapest for two weeks to get some professional guidance, or should I say give myself once last chance if the scan result is not so positive. The weakening of the Euro and US$ has made the treatment slightly cheaper. If it happens, it should be in the Mid September/October time.

In a few more days, I will enter my 12 month of therapy and indeed, I should be happy for achieving this milestone. It has been a very difficult journey thus far but I have also reached a cross road. Selecting which path to take ahead is equally uncertain and difficult but I am glad to be able to move on.

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