Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Day

Another day has begun and the fight continues. I am currently suffering flu like pain symptoms with some pain nibbling here and there. Of course I can live with those type of pain and after a while, I don't notice the pain even. I also took the opportunity to contact JC of New Zealand and requested more information from her. As a cancer survivor and having also used Gerson Therapy (among others) as part of her treatment, I wanted to learn from her how she did it so that I could learn what options are available. Being self guided and first timer in these kind of things, it would be good to get some guidance. Now I will wait for the outcome of the scan and then review what I can do. Meanwhile, my homeopathy doctor has reverted and he just asked me to continue to observe the developments and there is no necessity to change any prescription for the moment.

My weight has remained stable over the last few weeks. Despite the lower energy levels, I do not feel tired. The blood clots in my phelgm is much lower now and my chest is still clear. I am doing a little self message around my thighs and with my wife's help on my buttocks, I can sit much better today.

Last year I was still able to eat normally during the Ramadan month. I visited some of the Ramadan bazaars over and found that food prices have generally gone up by about 10%. Those traders that did not increase their price, you can see the serving size is now smaller. One trader actually increased the price of pulut panggang (see picture) by 100%! Sometimes I wonder why the traders only make some of those delicacies during this month. I can see about half of the crowd are non muslims. Of course I do miss the food. Well, you get punish for not taking good care of your own health.

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  1. Have faith, my fren....Weight is a major indicator in one's health and you are doing well in this area. It is tough anxiety for the next 10 hang in there......