Monday, August 23, 2010

Overstressing Myself

I have always wondered what caused the new lymph node on my left neck just above the collarbone. I think I found the answer in Chapter Two of Dr Kelly's book. Dr Kelly's fellow researcher, Dr. Carol A. Morrison, M.D., F.A.C.C. writes about her younger brother David's experience. David had a small lump, about the size of a pea, on the left side of his neck, just above the collarbone. His doctor in New Jersey, knowing the stress David was under with his "wife to be" told him to just calm down and get his family situation resolved and watch it and check again in six months. Carol knew from her medical training that if the lump was malignant it was only a metastasis of a tumor mass, usually found in the chest between the lungs. Dr Kelly confirmed yes, the original malignant mass had been between the lungs, but the normal body defenses (clean-up crew) had completely cleared the primary site and the lump in the neck had been encapsulated into a fibrous nodule, and to leave it alone and get David’s love life settled and reduce his stress — the same advice his New Jersey doctor had given. Intitutively, this is exactly what my wife said to me though not a medically trained person. As you know, I build up this stress just prior to my CT scan. I have told myself to relax and not expect too much and just leave the lymph node as it is. It will go away. Now that I understood, I feel so much better now.

Increasing the Snake plant leaves to 12-15 leaves not only caused the juice to be very bitter, I got intermittent pain around my back, between the shoulder blade area. I believe this are all "healing crisis" from books that I read. The only recommendation given is if very painful or if stomach cannot take it, to reduce the dosage.

I will have my blood test done tomorrow and then my CT scan on Thursday before I leave for Singapore next week to see my doctors.

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