Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 335 And Counting

Yes 11 months has passed and as I enter into the 12th month of my therapy, I am happy on one hand to have survived for so long and yet on the other hand, my recovery has yet to be confirmed. I will still have to wait for another 15 days for my next scan to know where I stand. Expectations? Yes, some expected especially on my lungs. If that happens that will be positive news. Improvements in the lungs will buy me more time.

I am focusing my efforts on the therapy because there is nothing else to think about. Notwithstanding the new lymph node on my collarbone, so far so good. Lately I have been a bit hungry and despite eating frequently, I still feel hungry. Except for the mouth ulcers, everything seems fine.

Today is also the begining of the Ramadan month and my muslims friends will begin their month of fasting. I take this opportunity to wish them a blessed Ramadan and successfully fulfill their obligations.

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