Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taking Stock

I think my body condition deteriorated in July 2010 possibly due to some of the sweet fruits that I took (even when taken in moderation) . It started with neck and shoulder pain that lead to the discovery of a lymph node at the collarbone. I also noted my current energy levels is not up to the levels in June 2010. However, since I started taking action to correct my food intake, I think my situation is improving. The pain around my neck and shoulder area is easing a bit and the lymph node did not enlarge. Although my chest is clear, I did notice some activities inside it and I think this too has stopped. This morning I also noticed blood clots in my phelgm when I cough.

I am now experiencing some on-off pain around my back area. There are also some pain around the chest area when I really stretch meself. The pain is not as bad when compared to during the March to May 2010 period and I think I have sort of regressed about 3 months because of this development. I also need to re-access my Homeopathy treatment because if may also be somewhat effective. Bear in mind, Homeopathy therapy does not have any dietary requirements except to observe food intake in moderation.

As you know, I have added snake plant leaves to my juicing (my mother has been asking me to use it since February this year) but have delayed until now (after I have done some researching on it). I think psychologically I am back in form. I feel the body is responding positively and now concentrating to improve my condition before the next scan. There will be some hard decisions to be made after the results are known.

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