Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take Good Care Of Yourself

This morning, I was again awaken by a dull pain on my back between the shoulder blade area early in the morning. The best thing for me to do is to lie flat on the bed without the pillow and the pain will ease. Before long, it's time to get up for my qigong exercise but this morning I got a break. The was a slight drizzle and so there will be no classes today. The bulk of the pain now is concentrated on my legs, from the thighs downwards. The feeling of the pain is like those you get when you jog the first time are many years of inactivity. This pain can be easily managed by lightly massaging both legs from buttocks downwards.

Other than the above, I feel great. Sometimes I get a little paranoid like what happened in the last week. I think since I started adding snake plant leaves to my juices, there has been additional reactions that I do not know about. I am on unchartered territory and hence do not know what to expect. I did search for information on this matter but very little is written. For example, I am not as energetic as before and I think this is one of the result of the work of the snake plant leaves. I did read for example, when you first drink rodent tuber juice, your energy levels will go down for a while before it return back to normal. This also happens when you drink papaya leaves juice and I think snake plant leaves has similar reactions. Nothing to worry as the main body systems seems to be running smoothly.

It is also with sadness that I read in BBC yesterday that Michael Douglas, 65 has throat cancer. He has chosen to take 8 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. He is very optimistic of his recovery. However he may lose his voice in the process. We all wish him speedy recovery.

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