Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrating Life

The Christmas and year end is just around the corner. During this time of the year, many will be making their new year resolutions for the coming year. As for me, there will be no resolutions. It will be basically celebrating life! Taking a break from 30 years of working, see some other parts of the world every now and then.

I had a reunion with my childhood friends, friends that I met in school on my very first first day in class. We have lost contact for more than 10 years and some of them even longer than 25 years. This is our third gathering for this year, but the first after my problem in September. It's good to have friend around to give support, share some of my problems and then do some catch up. So How Beng, Popo, Chee Peng, Eng Kow thank you. They were very happy to see me and said me I looked good.

I am glad that the therapies is working so far for me. However, many of them has expressed concern about my coming India trip in the middle of December 2009. I assure them water is least of the problems if I adhere to buy good quality bottled water/filtered water. Food wise should not be a problem as well because there are many vegetarian restaurants around. My main problem is whether I can get hold of organic food or not. According to Cherrie Calbom in The Complete Cancer Cleanse book, if no organic food is available, then eating normal vegetables and fruits would be better than not eating at all. Just wash and soak the vegetables/fruits in 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove some of the pesticides and chemicals. Apparently leafy green vegetables are difficult to obtain in India. Anyway I am bringing along a simple fruit juicer and will juice whenever possible.

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  1. Remember your promise to be a good and get well.