Monday, November 2, 2009

2 November 2009

I talk about coffee enema sometime back and how good the benefits were. I left something important. Any treatment or advice given must not be taken wholesale. This is because each individual makeup is different. Our immune system, specific health and other things about our bodies are different. There is no general formula and those that professes that they do, I run as far away as I can.

The point is this. What is good for someone may not be good for you. Take any advice with care. Understand what you are taking in, understand your own system first. There is something about coffee enema that you should know. If you have done or still on chemotherapy, it's best to not to take coffee enema for if you do, the toxicity of the chemo will be released during the enema would possibly cause more damage to the host. If you have ulcerative colitis, then no coffee enema, only chamomile enemas to be taken. Colostomy patients - only two coffee enema per day. If you have diarrhoea, then no coffee enemas only chamomile ones and if you are doing the modified version of the Gerson therapy like me, then two to three coffee enemas only. After each coffee enema, remember to replace you body with fluids to that an electrolyte imbalance does not occur. Generally, three juices should be taken with every enema.

Now with the administrative stuff out of the way, I will share with you more about coffee enema. The general understanding is that coffee enema is to detox the colon. Well, we will see if this is the only thing it does. Some of my friends have asked me, if coffee can detox , why then not just drink it? I will answer that as we go. Well first off, coffee and tea is bad for the nervous system and for people with degenerating disease, it is best to avoid drinking it.

Coffee enema was thought to originate from the Manual of Discipline, recorded two thousand years ago, a third century Aramaic manuscript found in the secret archives of the Vatican and has been in use for general detoxification since the ancient times. During the I World War, Germany was surrounded by the Allies military forces and many imported materials are missing or short in supply. When soldiers were sent back from the front lines severely wounded, and in need of surgery there was usually just a bit of anesthesia available, just enough for the operation. when it wore off, the soldiers would cry in pain. Doctors would normally ordered plan enemas after operations but the nurses were desperate;y looking for something to help the soldiers. The Doctors would often drink coffee to keep themselves awake round the clock to help the patients. Some nurses thought since the coffee is doing good to the doctors, it may also do good to the patients and the nurses poured the leftover coffee into the enema buckets. The soldiers receiving the enemas reported that these were doing them good and their pain is much relieved.

During the 1920s, two medical doctors were experimenting the effect of caffeine when given rectally to rats. They observed that that caffeinated enemas stimulated the laboratory animals to open their bile ducts. Coffee enema detoxifies the liver and the liver is the main body for the regeneration of the metabolism for the transformation of food from intake to output. Dr Harold Manner, PhD, an alternative cancer treatment specialist describes how the body's cleansing mechanism works.

While the coffee enema is being retained in the gut for 12 to 15 minutes, all the body's blood passes through the liver every three minutes. The hemorrhoidal blood vessels dilate from the exposure of the caffeine; in turn, the liver's portal veins dilate too. Simultaneously, the bild ducts expand with blood, the bile flow increases, and smooth muscles of the internal organs relax. The blood serum and its many components are detoxified as this vital fluid passes through the individual's caffeinated liver. The quart of water being retained in the bowel stimulates the visceral nervous system, promoting peristalsis. the water delivered through the bowel dilutes the bile and causes even greater increase in bile flow. there is a flushing of toxic bile which is further affected by the body's enzymatic catalyst known to physiologists as glutahione S-transferase (GST). The GST is increased in the quantity in the small bowel by 700%, which is an excellent physiological effect, because this enzyme quenches free radicals. These quenched radicals leave the liver and gallbladder as bile salts flowing through the duodenum. the bile salts are carried away by perstalsis in the gut, traveling from small intestines, through the colon, and out in the rectum.

In 1990, an Austrian surgeon Dr Peter Lechner, MD and his collegaues reported the benefits of increasing quantities of the GST in the gut as follows:

- GST binds bilirun and its glucuronides so that they can be eliminated from the hepatocytes (liver cells).
- GST blocks and detoxifies carcinogens, which require oxidation or reduction to be activated. It catalytic function produces a protective effect against many chemical carcinogens.
- GST forms a covalent bond with nearly all highly electropilic (free radical) substances, which is the precondition of the elimination from the body. the intermediate products of potential liver poisons (hepatotoxic cytostatics) also belong in this category of forming free radical pathology.

Besides these doctors and researches, many others also investigated into the effects of coffee enema. Sufficient to say coffee enema has a very specific purpose in the treatment and reversal of degenerative disease. It lowers the quantity of blood serum toxins, literally cleaning the poisons out of the fluids nourishing normal cells. Introducing boiled coffee soluition into the colon will accomplish the following physiological effects:

- It dilutes oortal blood and, subsequently the bile.
- Theophylline and theobromine, major nutraceutical constituents of coffee, dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut.
- the palmitates of coffee enhance glutathione S-transferase, which is responsible for the removal of many toxic radicals from the blood serum.
- The fluid of the enema itself stimulates the visceral nervous system, promoting peristalsis and the transit of diluted toxic bile from the duodenum out of the rectum.
- Because the stimulating enema is retained for up to 15 minutes, and because all the blood vessels in the body passes the liver every three minutes, coffee enemas represents a form of dialysis of blood across the gut wall.

You can buy the coffee enema sets from Newlife International in SS2/24 (same row as Affin Bank) or from any of its distributors. You should also know that when you do coffee enema, you can experience flare-up (which means that the body is recovering) such as headache or too much gas in the stomach. This is expected and if you do and don't know what to do, please leave a message in this column and I will respond ASAP, not that I am an expert but somethings you can do to alleviate the situation. Before you do the first coffee enema of the day in the morning, make sure you empty you bowels first. Otherwise you will have a difficult time to hold for even 3 minutes.

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