Thursday, November 26, 2009

Growing Organic Food

About two weeks ago, I began to plant some of my own food. I cleared part of the garden, got rid of some potted plants and weeds. I planted my first potato. Last week when I checked the shoot has just sprung out but this morning I checked, the whole potato was dug out and gone! The thief is none other than those little squirrels. I need to build some kind of netting to keep these squirrels and birds away. Besides potatoes, I am thinking of planting lady's fingers and tomatoes. Sweet potatoes and bananas would require lots of space which I do not have. I have a papaya tree alreading growing about 6 ft tall now but is not fruiting well. Only one small little fruit the size of a squash ball!

The morning sun was really sunny and I could feel the burning on my skin. As the North winds blows across my face, it reminds me that New Year is around the corner. Later in the afternoon as I was driving to have a hair cut, the radio station 988 played a Chinese New Year (CNY) song! Actually they are promoting the station DJs' album of CNY songs which will go on sale from 6 December 2009 onwards. Looks like they are releasing CNY songs earlier and earlier even before Christmas. Malaysians are a fortunate in that they get to enjoy all the major religious festivals of the world.

Last night I attended a gathering of HLA ex colleagues at Restaurant Yu Look at Sri Petaling (just opposite of The Store). We kept in touch even though many has left the company, some for over 15 years. This place's speciality is the fish dishes. Further down the road is another Restaurant called Tai Kee which has now become very expensive. We had a medium size freshwater sauce steam fish, salted stream crabs, stewed chicken, fried squids and vegetables. Bill came to RM198 for seven of us although I did not eat anything. How unfortunate for me but I guess that's will be the case for the rest of my life. So prevention is better than cure. Most people think they don't get cancer (me included) but getting cancer is not so rare after all. Based on the statistics I saw in the Oncologist report in Singapore, the older you are, the higher the chance of getting cancer.

Some of my friend continue to recommend to go for treatment. Some did not know or think that the therapies that I am doing is not a form of treatment because many do not understand it. Since I am on of the Gerson and Homeopathy threpies and hence cannot accept other forms of treatment unless they are complementary. In any case, I do not have that much time to go for more therapries as the Gerson therapy is already taking so much of my time. Some wonder if I had pain, etc. I do not experience any pain and I can sleep very well and can also eat very well. The nutrition from the juicing is also providing me the energy that I need to allows me to lead quite a normal life.

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