Monday, November 9, 2009

9 November 2009

The main key point of Homeopathy is the principle of similars (or "like cures like") is a central homeopathic principle. The principle states that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people. Because of this, many people are not comfortable with the concepts of homeopathy as a number of its key concepts are not consistent with the current understanding of science, particularly chemistry and physics.

Because of this, homeopathy is treated by allopathic trained doctors as quackery. Therefore, it may comes a surprise to many why I have chosen this method over say Ayurveda or traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which have been in used for more that a few thousand years. Although cancer is not a modern disease, from statistics, it has been shown that cancer mainly afflict the wealthier nations. This is due to the richer animal protein food intake. A number of allopathic trained homeopathic doctors started recording their trials and subsequent published their treatment in books so that the homeopathic community will have wider sources of references for cancer treatment. Therefore the most important selection criteria for me is not just how long that method has been in used but more importantly the experience of the practitioner. For example the Gerson therapy and Dr Rama's homeopathy treatment has gone through many clinical trials (not just one but in the thousands - both with successes and failures) and although may not fulfill the scientific criteria to be considered as valid or acceptable by the academic community, I have faith in their methodology. This is not to say there are no Ayurveda or TCM practitioners able to cure cancer, it just that I may not have the opportunity to read them (actually I did read some work of doctors on TCM). It is important to understand the treatment that you intent to take and then believe that it will be helpful. If you have doubts, then the treatment will not work. If you have cancer, you cannot afford to go on trial basis and wait to see if you respond to the treatment. This means you cannot allow the practitioner to experiment on you. A mere two months would put a Stage 3 patient to Stage 4 status. And by another three months, the patient would most likely to be dead. Remember, a life is at stake. Some people just don't understand this, maybe because it is not their life that is at stake.

Of course, this does not mean my therapy will be 100% successful. I don't know who can give that kind of guarantee. However, I do know that if the practitioner has many years of successful treatment of a few thousand patients, and have documented his work, that would be sufficient for me. Let me share with you how this homeopathic treatment for me works. After assessment and understanding of my personality and character, I was diagnosed as having a phosphorus character. In homeopathy, there is no direct medicine for cancer. Instead, the medicine that will heal the cancer is the mineral element that best represent the traits of the patient. For me, it starts of with the taking of phosphorus mineral. The phosphorus that I will be consuming has been diluted to very low levels that if you test for the existence of the mineral, it would almost be negligible or not found. Homeopathy uses the concept of plussing a remedy. Basically this involves shaking or agitating a homeopathic remedy dissolved in water. With liquid remedies, doing this changes the potency slightly so that the risk of aggravations caused by the remedy (side effects) is minimized. Dr. Ramakrishnan's "Plussing Method" involves agitating the remedy before each dose (one dose is one tablespoon), according to the classical method. His "plussing method" also involves preparing 11 does but taking ten doses a day at ten or fifteen minute intervals, which is an innovation in homeopathic methodology. After completion of 10 doses, the balance of one dose will be carried forward to the next day. On the next day, I will add 10 teaspoons of distilled water only (but no phosphorus) to the existing one dose. Again, 10 doses will be taken for the day leaving one behind for the next day and the process repeats. The cycle stops are one week. His justification for multiplying the daily doses makes sense: that cancer is such a well-entrenched disease with such a threatening time-line that waiting and watching between doses as homeopaths generally do is not a viable strategy. His administration of the doses so close together effectively turns them into one prolonged dose of medicine, amplifying its strength and effect.

In addition to phosphorus (to be consumed on week 1, 3, 5 & 7), I was also given carcinosin for week 2, 4, 6 and 8. Luckily I had a homeopathic practitioner friend that came along to explain the methods to me. I was also given additional supplements for the morning and the evening, two different courses for the next two months. I am sure by now, you will be wondering what's going on and whether I made my choice correctly. I tell you this. I am betting my life on it. That's how sure I am. Meanwhile I will communicate with Dr Rama via email on my body's response to the treatment. I will meet him again on 9 January 2010 (once every two months). This stage of treatment is to stabilise and stop the cancer's growth. Once that is accomplished, the next phase is to reduce it. This therapy will take 2 years but the next 6 months will be critical for me. Sometimes people wonder how come such therapy which costs RM500 per month will work compared to RM20K+ per month that is charged by the drug company? If you read and reference check around, you will realise why cancer is a billion dollar industry. Homeopathy and other alternative medicines uses natural substances which can be obtained cheaply. The question to ask is that can such cheap medicine cure such a deadly disease? There is no right or wrong answer. You either live or die with your decision.

Since stopping to eat the apricot seeds, I think my condition has stabilised i.e. not so much jabbing sensations around my ribs and thighs. I also restarted taking Q10 and Ohhira mountain fruit extract supplements (which I stopped eating as it was not compatible with apricots seeds). This morning I wake up to a little muscle pull around the neck and shoulder. I had a little cough also. Otherwise, I am in general good health. I am eating more, during lunch, dinner and also in between and supper. Weight has been stabilised back to around 72kgs.

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