Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coping With Cancer

Many people including my family members often ask me how am I doing. Actually I do not know how to answer. My experience with cancer only started three months ago. It started from a hopeless situation because my doctors told me they have no cure for me and no medication as well.

They looked at me and cannot tell if I am OK or not mainly because I looked thin. They thought that since I have not gained back my weight, something may not be right. I feel OK but really do not know what's happening inside of me, particularly in my lungs. The only indication that I get from my body is the symptoms, if any. There are no symptoms to date and the conclusion I draw is good. My face looks a little rounder now when compared to when I first started the Gerson therapy. Most of my weight loss has been at the buttock, thighs, arms and around the waist.

Following the Gerson therapy is a constant challenge because I am doing the Gerson therapy entirely on my own without any help. In between I have to do marketing and coffee enema. I am also a father, a husband and son to my parents. There are still work to be done and errands to run. It's a strict regime and although I have settled on a routine, it's still not easy. Sometimes I wish I could just lie down and when the time comes, someone will pass the juice to me to drink. I did not get my wife to help out during the weekends because I believe this will make me very dependable. As the day passes, I am still learning to cope as new emotions and mental states develops. The only think I know is not to fret and be forward looking. So far, I managed quite well with occasional highs and lows. Well, I have almost passed three months and there is still 15 months to go before I can review if I am out of danger zone. Something I learned while working in Saudi Arabia is that when your journey is long, live a day at a time. As Carnegie use to say "Live in a day-tight compartment".

So to make myself happier, I am experimenting on foods that I can eat. Made rye bread yesterday based on the recipe from but was not successful again. This time it could be due to slightly larger amount of yeast or the yeast did not mixed very well with the rye and wheat flour. I will try again in the coming week. Since my oven is not working, I am using the Kenwood Breadmaker to do the job. I am hungry all the time so the faster I come out with some new foods, the better for me.


  1. Hi friend ! Your sharing is very encouraging ! Pls do not give up & stay positive ! Jia Yu !

  2. Hypnotherapy can help in coping with cancer. It can ease the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and release worries and tensions.