Saturday, November 21, 2009

Your Recommendation Can Kill

I would like to devote some space to something that has been in my heart for sometime now. Don't get me wrong and don't get offended in what I have to say. I think this is important. First let me declare that all friends have your interest at heart. When I first informed my friends about my tumor, many were concerned and in the process I also received many suggestions and recommendations.

Now you as friends should be aware of your responsibility. When a person is suffering from cancer, he or she is in a very difficult situation and most likely may not be thinking straight. Rightly or wrongly, we have been brough up to the fact the cancer is not cureable and most cancers patients will eventually die. Under such circumstances, cancer patients are very desperate people. This is where your good intentions may back fire. You sent email about this and that cure to the person. You heard about faith healers and good doctors that have managed to cure this and that dieases. You wanted to help your friend very much. Most important of all, you did not and possibly have no time to verify the stories. What happens if your friend takes up your recommendation for which you have not investigated? You may argue that it is up to the cancer patient to verify but do you really think that friend of yours is in a position to do so? YOU SHOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ARE SURE OF SOME CLINICAL SUCCESS AND HAVE DONE THE INVESTIGATIONS. OTHERWISE YOU ARE SENDING YOUR FRIEND TO DIE! These may be strong words but I cannot emphaise enough.

Just to relate to a case I mentiond in my blog before. My ex-colleague's father in law was suffering stomach cancer and it was at Stage 3 when it was discovered. After some conventional treatment for two months, the cancer developed to Stage 4. During this time he was recommended to go vegetarian but can have fish as part of the diet. He and the family became desperate and a friend recommended this "doctor" and the "doctor" says he CAN be cured. The wife was very desperate and thereafter decided to proceed. Of course he died three months later. Did you see the problems with the recommendations i.e. first on the diet and secondly on the doctor? What have you done? As related by my friend is this. Cancer patients cling on hope of your recommendation. When that does not work, the will to live deteriorates so much so the person is not willing to put up another hope on another treatment.

This is not to say you are not in a position to help. Before you help, make sure you know what you are taking about. Check out the story first. Don't have the time, then don't do it.


  1. Chang,

    First I read this blog of cosmic energy and then the one on Friday, reminding friends to check it out before making recommendation.

    What I want to say is not a recommendation, just to add on to yr topic of research. What I hv experienced, is so much identical to what you have said abt cosmic energy.

    That session I went through (very briefly) was known as rei-ki in Japanese, they seem to promote the same thinking.

    Meanwhile my fren, take care, we continue to pray for you


  2. Dear Kok Piew,

    I already know what I wanted to do after I done sufficient research. What I am now doing additional is supplementary.

    As you would have read in the Cosmic Energy blog, one person died of cancer despite receiving cosmic energy treatment. I am not sure if he had other therapies. I am not saying cosmic energy is no good. Cosmic energy healing according to my master is to revert back some of the healing powers of oneself. To heal, you cannot live on fresh air alone. You must continue to nurish your body, detoxify it, etc. Then the cosmic energy healing would aid in the healing. I hope you know where I am coming from.

  3. I thought I should add further to my comments.

    My cosmic energy master was clear from the start. Continue to do whatever therapies you are doing. This is supplementary.

    Picture this. You have just been informed by your doctor you have cancer and there is no cure for it. What will you be thinking and feeling? You tell your family members and your close friends. You then receive all kinds of encouraging words followed by help emails. To give you a sample of emails received. One said to use bee's milk, a number on asparagus, broccoli juice, two on faith healing (religious and non relifious), three on famous cancer doctors, two on bomohs, one on boiling some kind of soup, one on drinking of water from some kind of dried leaves and many more on Dr Wu and Dr Tateishii's cancer formula, one to coach me on juicing and pay for his services, many alternative treatment and many more on conventional treatment. Many of these are just based on heresay or from emails just flying around. Your firend's life is at stake here. Well you may not called these recommendations but more of information and let the reader beware and follow at your own peril.

    What frame of mind are you on now? What information have you been given. Sure, you appreciate all the help your friend are giving but your mind becomes agigated but yet you politely reply and thank them in each and every email. For me, there is not a single information I received I can rely on. Frankly I would not bet my life on those but what if there is one that will?

    What do you expect the cancer patient to do with this information? Be very logical and rational like a normally person and evaluate. If you had cancer, would you follow the therapy based on your email?

    In closing, if you want to help, be prepared to go a little further. If not, please don't add to the further suffering of your friend. Just a simple "how are you?" email would be better.