Friday, November 6, 2009

6 November 2009

Today I will follow-up with yesterday's blog on cancer and share some more information on cancer treatment, in particular the Gerson method. There are many approaches to treating cancer and what I will be concentrating on is the alternative therapy and not conventional or mainstream medicine. Actually, mainstream medicine should be called alternative treatment, after all they have been around only for about 200 years or so whereas Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine have been around for thousands of years and was the mainstream medicine before this. Although cancer has been in existence through the ages but those days were rare. According to Philip Day in his Book Why We're Still Dying To know The Truth provides the following table:

Source: WHO 1970

Country Per capita GBP Cancer Per Mil
Mauritius $140 3
Sri Langka $225 316
Portugal $479 1,115
USA $3,960 1,698

A number of alternative treatment normally recommends that you start with detox. Detox is important because you must get rid of the toxins in your body to allow the organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidney and other organs to function normally again. For cancer patients, these organs are sometimes impaired and be nursed back to health. Therefore detox is not a single step once a week program because the person has cancer. It starts of with a more rigorous program and continues for a period of time. It is not possible to rid the toxins with just a few detox applications. There are two important information information you need to know about detox. although you already knows the end in mind but are you aware a) what ingredients will you use for detox and b) how will the body rid of the toxins? The blood circulate the liver once every three minutes. The three ways that toxins are removed from your body are through your sweat, urine, and bowel movements. Your liver is the organ that filters toxins and decides what will be removed from your body. For cancer patients, normally the liver is already not functionally properly. So when you detox, what happens to the toxins that has been released? Do not expect the liver to cope as in a ordinary person. Therefore, it is also important when you detox, you must do it slowly because you do not want too many toxins to be released at the same time. The Gerson detox uses coffee enema to detox the liver (and other parts of the body). Please see my 2 November 2009 blog for more info on coffee enema. Dr Gerson has this to say "If we do not help the patient intensively day and night to eliminate these additional poisonous substances, as I have seen it in the beginning of this treatment, there is a serious danger that the patient may fall into a hepatic coma". Granted, different therapy may require different detox regime.

I will not touch on the nutrition and diet. I will leave this for another day. I have said "JUST ON JUICING AND PLANT DIET IS NOT ENOUGH". In the Gerson therapy and also the Metabolic therapy, they also use supplements. Supplements are not just vitamins are we know. For Gerson, the supplements are actually medication. Professor G. von Bergmann said "Cancer metabolism take place once the body is no longer capable of producing an active 'inflammation metabolism'... the cancerous organism is anergic (meaning cannot prevent cancer growth nor respond and defend itself against it) in respect to inflammation". His assistants in lab experiments has found that normally body can kill cancer by producing an inflammation. Dr Gerson remind us that we should not assume that the tumor, the glands and the metastases can be influenced at one time or even cured all together. The concept of totality should not let us forget that each sick organ, even each node and gland, has its own pathological anatomical conditions, on which the method of healing essentially depends. This is why even two cancer patients with the same symptoms and cancer will require different treatment. This is because their body makeup and the degree of sickness of the organs are different. So how can you treat these patients with a standard formula? The treatment to start the inflammation is just to jump start it but more needs to be done. The body must be able to produce the inflammation on it own to be effective against cancer. So in order to maintain the healing process, it is necessary to apply treatment long enough to restore all vital organs to normal function to produce the same reactive processes as used by the body itself, for healing purposes. During the healing process when the tumor masses are in the process of dissolution, there is a greater amount of highly active protein-intermediary substances such as histamine, histidine, etc which can activate different pathological reactions all over the body. This counteract the healing power. To neutrilise and eliminate them is the task of the therapy. The Gerson medication uses two main body minerals - iodine (I) and potassium (K). According to Holler and Singer iodine invades cancel tumors when inflamed. Potassium appears to play an indispensable and unique role in tissue protein synthesis. Muscles, brain and liver normally have higher potassium content than sodium but the situation is reversed in tumor cells. Other medications used (depending on cancer and disease) includes acidol pepsin (to aid the pancreas), royal jelly (50gm half hour before breakfast), niacin (one of the vitamin B2 given at the beginning to bring back sufficient glycogen into the liver cells) and vitamin B12 (to bring the sick body to combine aminoacids to build protein substances).

This morning, I woke up at the usual time but my stomach was full of gas. There are also more noticeable pain around the tights and ribs. I am not sure if there are flare-up or the disease is getting the upper hand. My digestion is also no good. This week, I did a lot of errands and as a result I did not have sufficient juices to drink. I have lost another kg and this could be due to me not eating enough throughout the day. I am suppose to eat when I am hungry but I did not. I also skipped my supper and tidbits in between. I need to be more discipline to ensure that I followed the therapy closely for I risk the consequences. I suspect it was the apricots seeds that I took a few days ago that cause the change. Today I decided to put my own house in order, to try and follow as closely as possible. I am looking forward to tomorrow for the Homeopathy treatment that I will be receiving. Up to now, the battle has been status quo. Although this although is good news that the disease did not deteriorate but it cannot be sustained over long periods.

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