Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cameron Highland's Trip

I left for Cameron Highland early Wednesday morning 18 November at about 7am. The drive to Cameron will take approximately 3 hours. As it was a working day, traffic was smooth but there was a speed trap just before the Bidor exit. As I was not in any hurry, I was driving between 100kph and 110kph so was not caught for speeding. Along the way, there were flashing on the other side but somehow some drivers are not too bothered about the warning and hence got caught.

After a stop at Bidor with breakfast for my youngest daughter, Wai Ling we continued out journey and arrived at the Royal Lily apartment at Tanah Rata at about 11am. As the walk-up apartment was on the 2nd floor, I brough around a rope to hoist the vegetables and other stuffs that I need to for use without having to climb the stairs. After installing the juicer, I began the first juice for the day. I noticed the water quality (not the it is brownish) is not so good. The water seems to contain wax or some sort of sticky stuff so that after washing, you feel some stickness on your hands. It's like some apples that is throughly waxed. After washing the vegetables, I noted the stickness is also on the vegetables. This is not good and I don't think the water is suitable for washing vegetables and fruits. I bought with me 22 liters of alkaline and 11 liters of distilled water. I had to use that for washing instead.

Around 5pm, I took my bath and I think because of the rain, the temperature was a little low, I got a chill. I was feeling extremely cold and was having two blankets to get some warmth back. I just could not do my coffee enema. I had a decision to make. To stay for the night or leave the next day of drive back immediately after dinner about 8pm. I am quite used to driving to Cameron in the night. Previously I used to start my journey at 8pm arriving in Cameron past midnight with a supper stop in between. Since I was feeling cold and the night was raining, I decided to say for the night and leave the next morning. Before I left the next day, I visited the one shop at MDCH10, Brinchang to see what kinds of organic vegetables are being sold. To my disappointment, I could not find that shop. They must have shifted but I got no time to look around. I thought I will check on the Internet again for the new address.

By the time I finished packing (including packing apple+carrot juices for later drinkig) and preparing some meals to eat along the road back to Kuala Lumpur, it was almost 11am. It started to drizzle a little but the weather held. The drive down the highland was smooth and I reach home safely around 2.30pm. Again, just before the Tapah rest area, there was another speed trap. As I just entered the highway from the Tapah interchange, I was spared. I had plan to travel a little faster this time at about 120kph and luckly the speed trap was not further down. An express bus was possibly driving around 120kph passed me and was caught be a traffic police patrolling along the highway. I can tell you that all the express buses are moving faster than me. No wonder when they are involved in accidents, the death tolls are high.

I was not feeling very well as I think I have a case of slight fever. There were also ulcers on my mouth and tip of the tongue making it very difficult to eat. My homeopathy practitioner told me that this is a positive reaction of the healing. There is no need to take any medication. I also noiced some pimples on my face! The last I had pimples was around 18 years of age and that was many moons ago. I also noticed that my stools are quite hard. This means the body is "heaty". This is a reaction of a phosphorus character. I guess I will have to live with it for a week or so.

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