Tuesday, December 1, 2009

High and Lows

Just a day of celebrating life, I had hit a low! This morning as I was preparing to boil coffee enema, I had run out of organic coffee. While using the scissors to open the coffee packing, I accidentally hurt part my thumb. Later after juicing, I was washing the juicer and had another minor accident where my left palm was hurt. Small problem but it did cause some minor discomfort for the rest of the day and possibly the next few days when it made it slightly difficult for washing and squeeqing.

Despite on the Gerson therapy for almost three months, the strict regiment is really difficult to follow especially if you are on your own like me. The warnings were given in the Gerson therapy book and I know what I am getting into. Getting help of course would be good but in my case I had to be independent. So somteimes, I get into this low emotional states but only for a while I will bounce back when my body is full of energy.

I noticed my tongue and mouth ulcers at the same place may be making a come back. I have just started the Carsinosin medication given by my homeopathy doctor from India. Anyway, I will have to watch carefully. I think the problem may not be due to the medication but more of lack of sleeping the last few days. I was assisting my daughter to prepare her assignment. Her group of students are making a costume can can dress and thereafter a model will wear it for a photography session. The outcome will affect her year end semester's results. Sometime I wonder why my daughter enrolled for the Digital Animation course? It would have been so much cheaper and easier if she studied Accountancy for example. I am assisting my daughter to stitch the netting on the wire frame. She gave it to me last minute and Wednesday is due date for completion and photography session. As a result I had to sleep late to complete the work for her.

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