Saturday, November 28, 2009

Homeopathy Body Reaction

Of late I noticed my body is kind of "heaty" judging from my mouth and tongue ulsers and slight pain around the shoulders. According to my food intake, this is unlikely to happen. There are two possibly reasons, the mosr likely sour is from my homeopathy treatment and the other being lack of sleep. Although I retire to bed around 11pm daily, my sleep is disturbed because I need to get up once a night to urinate because of the frequently juicing that I take earlier in the day. I have tried to complete the juicing by 7.30pm latest. Of course I unirate before retiring but it did not helped much. Between 8pm and 10.30pm I take my homeopathy medication during which time I do not take in any food. When I do not have sufficient sleep, I used to get tiredness around the shoulders and neck.

Homeopathy medication, according to my local practitioner, Vishuddi Lee treat a patient by directly administring the element that is causing the problem. For example, if you have hypertension, you will be administered a very light element of sodium as part of the medication. The element given is light enough not to cause any problems but at the same time would stimulate the body to rteact and build it defenses. In my case, administring the element phosphorus is similar. Phosphorus causes heatiness in the body. That is probably why my ulcers took so long to recover and also notices recurrence of some pimples aound my mouth. Yesterday evening, when I took the evening homeopathy pill, the hotness around my face was more intense and longer than I have experienced so far.

So people keep asking me if I am OK and I tell them that if I am still able to walk, talk, eat and sleep that's a good sign. In my case the problem is within me and not so noticeable. No new major symptoms has appeared and I hope that it will remain that way. I will really know when I do the next scan which I scheduled in Janaury 2010 but most likely delay it to March 2010 as it is six months from my initial scan.

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