Friday, November 20, 2009

Week of Awakening

My fever is gone but I noticed I had more pimples around my nose area like those days when I was 18 years old! My body is definitely reacting to the homeopathy treatment.

Today when I did me coffee enema, I did it lying down on the right position. My observation is that it is easier to do on the lying position. This is because there is less gravitational pressure on the 8 oz or 1 liter of coffee in the rectum. While there was two or three spasm during the 15 minutes, there was no pressure of release as compared to the sitting position. I would lie down for the full 15 minutes and when time up, I would then sit at the toilet bowl to empty the coffee and feces. Another observation is that the feces discharged is smelly as compared to the sitting position. I will know for sure if this position give me better results when the current pain around my neck and shoulder goes away.

My trip to Cameron Highlands tells me that my body is much weaker than I thought. There was a slight drizzle and windy but I felt the coldness. I can stand extreme cold but those days were in the past. This is an important lesson for my pilgrimage trip to India on 17 December. Now I know how much winter clothing I will have to bring and wear. My non Buddhist friend, please bear with me for a while as I need to share a little about the pilgrimage. I am not trying to convert you. In Buddhism, you embrace it when the time is right just like the durian would automatically fall from the tree when it is ripe. Perhaps some inter-faith understanding (I do read the Bible you know). Every Buddhist as in other religions should try and perform one pilgrimage in his or her lifetime. When I first found out about this diease, I was worried I would not live and when drawing my bucket list (a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket), the first item on the list was the pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place as an act of faith and devotion. In Buddhism, there are at least four places that must be visited, namely Lumbini (now in Nepal, the place where Buddha was born), Bodhgaya (the place where Buddha gain his enlightnment), Saranath (the place where Buddha first preach his sermon) and Kusinara (the place where Buddha passed into Nibanna or Nirvana). The pilgrimage trip is a self guided tour with much of the time spent on the trains and sleeping in the monasteries. Only on two occasions will we be sleeping in 2-3 star hotels (in Lumbini and in Varanasi). Varanasi is along the Ganges and not part of the Buddhist pilgrimage but it is a place not to be missed as well. During the 9 days of pilgrimage, the whole group (my wife and 3 daughters) will be on vegerarian diet and observing the 5 precepts. The five precepts are refrain from killing, refrain from stealing, refrain from sexual misconduct, refrain from uttering lies and refrain from intoxication. According to the scriptures, the four holy places will arouse awareness and apprehension of the nature of impermanance and aid in our development of meditation besides generating positing karma or merits. This is part of my spiritual therapy. I got quite resonable fares (all in RM2,800 for 5 pax including food, insurance and luggage space) for the whole family during the initial launch of the Kolkata destination by Airasia. Excluding hotels, another RM600 was spent on train fares for the whole journey. Food and lodging should not be expensive and possibly comes to no more than RM1,000 and another RM600 as contingecies. All in only RM1,000 per head. I will blog my travels so that those who wish to take similar path can also follow. Please note that privately organised guided tours (for 11-13 days) cost at least RM3,800 per head.

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  1. Chee Teck,

    Be careful of any flu or viral infection when you travel especially if your immune system has weaken and hygiene levels in India may not be compatible to your body.

    Have a good trip.