Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 November 2009

Doing any cancer therapy is very difficult. If you go conventional, many people (including myself) will be questioning. Doing alternative therapy is even worst. Suddenly you have so many "experts" even giving their own opinions, be it friends and family. I believe all of these people have one thing in mind, that is the your welfare at heart. They think what is best for you and many have read from books or that articles. Some articles are complementary and some are contradictory. I myself had read a number of books and this book says it's ok but not that book. Same goes for advices given by friends. I believe that no matter what advice have been given, as an interested party, we must understand first the nature of our own problem and then the solution being recommended. We must do some research. After all, a life is at stake. For cancer patients, we may not get second chances and our trial period is very short. A short two months could mean the end. I have no single solution either.

Many books on cancer attempt to explain how cancer is caused. For example Cherie Calbom in her book The Complete Cancer Cleanse, explains that cancer is a malignant growth that starts from a cell which escapes homeostatic control and reproduces at will and shows abnormal growth pattern. From there these cells compete with normal cells for nutrition and to some degree autonomous. As they grow, they invade surrounding tissues and formation of secondary growth - known as metastasis. Many of the conventional medicine therefore treat cancer as a local phenomena. Got tumor in kidney, cut the kidney. Got tumor in the breast, cut the breast. Got tumor in the liver, cut the liver. Got tumor in the lungs, oops... maybe cannot cut as the patient may die. Instead apply chemo over the lungs. But if you noticed, the cancer almost always come back with a vengeance. What does this tells you? Conventional medicine only treat the symptoms. Alternative treatment such as homeopathy, Gerson therapy and others looks at cancer from a different point of view. The cells are only the vehicle for the cancer to spread. Beneath the cells are enzymes that causes the cells to misbehave. How did these enzymes come about? So to handle the problem, you handle the enzymes, or the root cause of the problem. Cancer cells are all over the body. So when you get cancer, your body is telling you something that you ate in the past is not right and you are given an opportunity to correct it. For Dr Max Gerson, cancer is not a local but a general disease, caused chiefly by the poisoning of foodstuffs prepared by modern farming and food industry. Dr T. Colin Campbell in The China Study in 2005, which is a "survey of death rates for twelve different kinds of cancer for more than 2,400 counties and 880 million (96%) of their citizens" conducted jointly by Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine over the course of twenty years. The authors introduce and explain the conclusions of scientific studies, which have correlated animal-based diets with disease. The authors conclude that diets high in protein, particularly animal protein (including casein in cow's milk) are strongly linked to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. In an interview by Mike Anderson in the educational DVD Healing Cancer From the Inside Out, Dr Campbell states that cancel cells can be turn on and off through diet. So now you know.

I have been keeping contact with my ex-colleagues, even those 30 years ago from my first job (though not every one of them). But my best ex-colleagues that I met was from HLA and MPI days. We may have our differences at work, but I believe if one is sincere in his work, there will always be true friends, friends that do not fore sake you. I have seen and felt it. Yesterday Peter Tai gave me a visit and brought me some financial help contributed by these ex-colleagues of mine. Earlier in the day I met my ex-CEO, Fook Wah during breakfast and he has also chip in to help. Words cannot express my gratitude and I would like to thank all you you sincerely. One way is for me to recover and then come and visit each of you to thank you personally as I have the list of names.

Although I have started my Gerson therapy for over 6 weeks now, I am not following the full therapy. As a result, I have to rely on additional therapy. For this, I am seeking treatment of Dr Ramakrishnan (, a prominent Western trained doctor but uses homeopathic medicine to treat cancer and other advance diseases. Although based in India, Dr Rama travels around various regions of the world to offer his services. I am fortunate that he visits Singapore every two months and need not go to India to meet him and seek treatment. I will be meeting him this Saturday and this will start my alternative treatment and meet him once every two months for medication. Together with Gerson therapy, I believe this combination will be my road to recovery. The road is long and will take two years but then again, this is no ordinary sickness. That's why prevention is better than cure.

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