Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 November 2009

The following is a summary of treatment that I am taking:

1. Urine therapy - drinking of one's own morning urine once a day.
2. Modified Gerson therapy - using 2 to 3 coffee (alternate with castor oil) detox and 10 fruit and vegetable juices per day
3. Supplements - K-salt, wheat grass, Q10, Ohhira Mountain fruits extract (soon to add kelp & naicin).
4. Homeopathy treatment - to stabilise and reduce the tumors over a period of time
5. Removal of kidney tumor by surgery - recommended by doctors to assist the body in healing faster.
6. Diet - vegetarian consisting of organic brown rice, vegetables and fruits. No salt, no sugar and no oil.
7. Water - Alkaline water dispenser
8. Duration of therapy - 24 months, after that period when conditions stabilised, a modified version is a possibility in 18 months time.
9. Spiritual and Friends - Almost forgot! Spiritual therapy is very important and also not forgetting your friends and family's support!

As you can see, I am taking a mixed approaches of allopathic (surgery) and alternative treatment. The main reasons for these approach are a) under the current medical field, allopathic medicine is not able to cure the disease (renal cell carcinoma) yet and b) alternative medicine seems of have better results for such cases. Recently, my ex-colleague Quah told me that his cousin sister's husband who had cancer had just lost his hearing after doing the chemo. That's why chemo is never an option for me. Today I had some good news when I met Yap, my Saudi Arabian ex-colleague just before he is to fly back to Saudi tomorrow. He told me that his sister-in-law's father who is having similar problem as me from Tangkak, Johore is following a therapy similar to Gerson. He has been on it for 3 years now. Although the tumor did not grow neither did it shrunk. He is fit enough to go back to work and even gain some weight back. The place that is offering advice is Persatuan Pengusaha Herba, No. 85, Jalan Seri Setali 1, Taman Air Putih Jaya, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang. It's a non-profit organisation and their charges are very reasonable for those who need guidance. You can also visit this health spa in Malacca for some cancer treatment (http://health.aenon.org.my/programs/programs.php).

I repeat. Before deciding on your treatment, you MUST talk to the allopathic doctors (such as the oncologist and specific organ specialists) and you must read available alternative medicine treatments. Do not just based your decision on some emails, listen to cancer talks, just my blog, etc. You MUST read and satisfy yourself. When selecting a therapy that has been recommended by anyone, ask this question "How many cancer patients have you healed with this advice?". Before deciding, you must also ensure you can stick to your chosen therapy.


  1. Wow, your story and your journey are very moving. I feel for you with your cancer - I actually have had four friends and acquaintances with kidney cancer just recently. I wish you the best, and I congratulate you on your proactive approach to your treatment.

    Since you are following Gerson, you might be interested in some Gerson recipes I developed and/or adapted for a woman on Gerson Therapy whom I used to juice and cook for. Of course, being in a different part of the world from me (I'm in Vancouver, Canada), you might have different tastes, but check them out anyway: http://www.seabuckthorn.net/index.php/?cat=75

  2. Dear SBT,

    Thanks for visiting and your encouragement. It really helps and I appreciate it very much.

    I will surely check the recipes out. I have also been trying to try various combinations to see how to improve and would certainly like to know more about other recipes. I have been experimenting on rye bread making. Still testing and not very successful yet but will publish once I had found the correct formula.

  3. Chang,

    Read abt your meeting with Dr Ramakrishnan, the phospherous approach. What I must say the way you talked to yr mum impressed me, not so much of whether I believe in karma or not, but surely the mother is the closest relative one ever has.

    What else can I add to this very strong friend, I can read between the lines the strong sense of success, and also the reality that it is your own life at stake, nobody could be more relevant in the decision making.

    My friend, we pray for your speedy recovery


  4. Hi CT:

    Hi back, and thanks for replying. I hope your rye bread recipe is going good? I notice that a lot of the people who visit my blog looking for Gerson info are specifically interested in rye bread recipes. I already have one link on my blog to a recipe, but I'd add yours if you gave me a link as well.

    Happy Holidays and have a safe and prosperous New Year! BTW my Google account takes you to my satellite blog; my actual main blog where the Gerson recipes are is in the link in my first post.