Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 November 2009

This morning, I was in town to run some errands (as in Monday as well). By the time I completed my work and came home, it was almost 11.30am. although I did bring some carrot+apple juices in a thermos flask, the quality of the juices deteriorates over time. For vegetable juices, you cannot even store them and must drink immediately upon juicing.

I have also been religiously doing my coffee enema. But of late, I noticed that salt taste around my mouth. I am not sure if this is the k-salt or the salts excreted during the coffee enema. My skin feels a little saltish like you just came out from swimming in the sea.

The last few days, I noticed some changes to my body. Every morning I wake up to bad breath. In addition I also experience some pain around my neck. There are also some little pain around my ribs and right arm pit. These are not very good signs. I then re-examined my diet to see what I could have done wrongly. The only change I made to my diet was when I took in apricot seeds from 24 October onwards. This recommendation was based on the book by Philip day, CANCER Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth wherein it was recommended to take 6 seeds per hour with a daily quota of between 50-60 seeds. That was the only additional thing I did in my diet. Is this change giving me problems? Under the Gerson therapy, seeds and nuts are not allowed. This is because seeds and nuts contains too much oil and protein as well which is bad for cancer patients. The bad breath was due to the protein in the apricot seeds. The breath went away when I stopped eating the apricot seeds but I have been eating the seeds for almost 10 days. Dr Gerson is very particular of his therapy and even wrote in his book on page 217 "It is advisable not to start the treatment, if for any reason strict adherence to it is not possible". Even in many of the other therapies that are similar to Gerson, they do use different form of supplements. In my case, I had to modify the Gerson therapy not because I did not want to follow but some of the supplements are not obtainable in Malaysia. I am also sad to report that sometime ago, a lady that followed the Gerson therapy did not make it. According to my homeopathic practitioner, it did lengthened the lady's life but she could not be saved. He felt that she did not commence treatment of the cancer. JUST ON JUICING AND PLANT DIET IS NOT ENOUGH. The Gerson therapy comprises three crucial elements: coffee enema detox (to detox the whole body over a period of time), organic plan nutrition and diet (no salt, sugar and oil) and supplements (to kill off the cancer cells). Most of us are able to perform the first two but not the third due to the non availability of some of the supplements and this is the danger of going fully on the Gerson therapy. Since I am on a modified therapy, I need to vary it. For the supplements part, I tried to follow as closely as possible but I also supplemented with homeopathic treatment to deal with the tumor cells. Now that i have stopped eating the apricot seeds, I will monitor for changes.

The female cancer statistics for the years 1998-2002 for Singapore are as follows:

Cancer Total 0-15yr 16-35Yr 36-55Yr 56-75Yr >75Yr
Colon 1,840 3 57 489 929 361
Bronchus 1,597 1 40 344 815 397
Female Breast 5,500 2 655 3,393 1,252 197
Cervix Uteri 1,033 1 118 545 297 54
Ovary 1,055 24 197 545 254 35

The above are major cases affecting women. As with the males, the higher your age group, the more at risk you are. So change you lifestyle. Go for prevention rather than detection. Save yourself now! The numbers in the tables are not correctly displayed and I will correct them later.

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