Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coffee Enema Revisited

When I first started the coffee enema, I was reading an abridged version of how to do the coffee enema. Although the coffee enema has brougt me some benefits, I think I have reached a road block. The previous pain around my neck and shoulders although has gone earlier is begining to make a comeback, tough not as painful as before.

On Tuesday I went to Newlife to replenish my organic coffee and I had a chat with the customer service personnel. I had wanted to know if they sell a plastic bag purposely made for coffee enema. Thereafter another customer, a women of middle age offered some advice. I told her I don't do my coffee enema sleeping and she joked if I did it standing. Actually, I told her after the coffee has completely entered the rectum, I would sit on the toilet bowl for 15 minutes and thereafter discharge the coffee. She said that was OK. I got some good results in the begining but I don't think I am getting more benefits. I had earlier noted pains around my neck and shoulder area and the coffee enema is not helping. So I thought I must have not followed the procedure properly.

This time, I took The Little Enema Book For Those on the Gerson Therapy to read. That 35 page booklet contains many important technical information about how coffee enema works (with diagrams, etc) and also how to do a proper enema. Apparently, coffee enema is best done lying on the right side because the caffeine in the enema is absorbed by the haemorrhoidul veins which are part of the rectal plexus of veins. No wonder I am not getting further results because of my sitting position. Also, I did not experience some of the flare-up that was supposed to happen. I believe now I know why.

So from tomorrow onwards, I will do my coffee enema lying down. This means more work. I need to have a soft support for my body and also to keep my body warm. I have found a large plastic sheet which will be used to contain the excretion of the coffee and urea. This is extremely important as I found out at the Gerson Clinics, the excertion is so powerful it will splash on the entire bathroom. The only way to restore back the bathroom is to do a new paint job! I had also seen a picture of a bathroom of a guy doing coffee enema in Chiangmai. The whole bathroom was brownish in color, walls and floor. Having a plastic back to contain the excertion would make cleaning easier.

Someone once wrote me an email and suggested I should do only one enema a day. I believe the answer to how many would depends on the person and the stage of his or her disease. When I went to Cameron, I did not do any coffee enema for the day and immediately I felt my body sort of complained. Today when I did my enema at 4pm, it was difficult and the urea was extremely smelly. Basically when I have pains, I will do coffee enema. It seems to have a therapeutic effect. Coffee enema can be done day and night and as frequent as 2 hours apart. However, the person must take back some fluids like juices to ensure the electrolyte balance in the body is maintained. The exception is for someone who has done chemotherapy may have to wait for six to nine months before starting coffee enema to a max of three times a day. For some other diesease like ulcerative colltis and colostomy patients, there are also exception. It's best to read the Little Enema book to get proper guidance.

My fever seems to be subsiding. I did not take any medication for the fever or the mouth ulcers. I want it to heal naturally. My wife noticed on my face some small pimples around the mouth area. I think this is a natural reaction to the homeopathy treatment. My stomach is also feeling a little bloated and yet I am feeling hungry! Guess, I will have oats for supper then.

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  1. Good to hear that u r doing the right technique of enema