Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peaceful Weekend

If you noticed, I am not counting my days now and the reason is obvious. Still I will attempt to post everyday.

I have been following the Gerson therapy for more than 6 weeks now. I must admit that it is not that easy to follow. Preparing all the work for detoxing, cooking, juicing, marketing for vegetables and running errands in between is really not easy work. Coupled with taking the homeopathy medicine during which time no food is allowed for the period of 2 hrs 30 minutes has made the timetable more difficult to follow.

Anyway I have settled to a routine which is why sometimes I cannot meet friends in between. Eating with no sugar, no salt and no oil diet can really be difficult. I have been experimenting on how to make the vegetables taste better and thanks to the visit from Susan (I think) from Vancouver, I have access to some ready made recipes to follow at her site ( and also at

Making Rye Bread
Earlier I was trying to to make rye bread but failed after three tries. The main problem was that the bread would not rise. My ingredients are 500gm organic rye, 2 tablespoon of yeast, 300ml of distilled water and some raisins. I did not use any wheat flour. After mixing, allow it to raise for 1.5 hours then press the dough down and let it raise a second time for 30 minutes. Then bake or steam.

This week, I will try to make the rye bread again. I will add some other ingredients like some wheat flour and molasses to it. Having rye bread is very handy especially when I am traveling. I can have access to easy food.

I am starting my second week of homeopathy medication. the last three days I had some reaction in the morning after taking the morning medication. The sensation is hot around the face and then shoulder and the arms and thighs. I also noticed some pimple like formation on my arms. Dr Rama said this is a transient phenomena that can be ignored.

I quit my job a month ago and guess what? I received two calls from headhunters asking me to attend interviews of which one potential employer even had me pre-qualified. I did not had this luck six months ago. Sigh...

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