Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tribute To Dr Max Gerson

Today I will start off with a little dedication to Dr Max Gerson, the person whose book help me to remain sane and alive as I am today. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! A simple way Buddhist express gratitude to someone who has done a good deed. He not only helped many people and but shared his formula of success as well. Although I am not out of the woods yet, I think the quality of life that I am enjoying now is much better that what I initially thought. I found a web site that allows you to view or download the summarised version of the Gerson therapy. It can be found at Please go download and read it. According to the author, the Gerson's method has cure more cancer patients that any other method they know of.

The year end school holidays have just started and I took the opportunity to have breakfast with my daughters. While driving home I noticed that my Suzuki Vitara's engine temperature has reached almost the danger level only after 5 minutes of drive. After the engine cooled, I drove it to my mechanic who is 5 minutes away and after examination, he said my top engine mounting has cracked and needs repairs which will cost over one thousand bucks. What is more frightening for me is that suddendly I noticed I have no plan B. Without a car, I cannot move around to buy my vegetables, fruits and other supplies. I only keep one and a half day supplies. I had no choice but to SMS my daughter to borrow her car while the Suzuki is being repaired for a few days. Her college is about 20 minutes drive away. My plan to reduce the number of cars from three to two looks unlikely to happen.

My mouth ulcers is clearing and I think by tomorrow, I should be free of it. Now I can eat decently and many more times throughout the day. Yesterday, my mother's neighbour told me I look too thin as compared to my previous self. I have been eating every opportunity I have. The thing is no matter how much and frequent I ate, I just cannot add that 1 kg back!

Last Sunday I have tried to make the oatflour cake but it was not successful. This was due entirely to the oven. I bought a new oven in August but only had the oppotunitty to use it last Sunday and it did not function! The timer could not be set. So I had to use the old trusted small electric oven that has no temperature control. After baking over three times, each for about 20 minutes, the core of the cake is still not cooked. Will try again after the oven is being repaired.

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