Monday, November 9, 2009

7-8 November 2009

My trip to Singapore to see Dr Ramakrishnan, the allopathic trained homeopathic doctor was good. Dr Rama is a well known in the homeopathic fraternity around the world for his treatment of cancers having treated over 5,000 patients. I am glad that Dr Rama travels around the world to London, US and Singapore to meet his patients once every two months. I contacted Dr Rama in mid October 09 to make an appointment to meet him so that he can begin my treatment.

Homeopathic treatment, unlike allopathic treatment or some other treatments requires an understanding of the patient's past behaviour and character. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on treating the individual with highly diluted substances given in mainly tablet form, which triggers the body’s natural system of healing. Homeopathy has been widely used throughout the world for more than 200 years. So, when Dr Rama began my treatment, it reminded me of the shows I watch on TV or movies where the patients talk to a psychiatrist, going back to the past and remembering details of events, likes, dislikes, fears and the emotional aspects of a person. Once that is gathered, Dr Rama had a look at my CT scans and also wanted to know the recommendations of the oncologist/urologist. After considering the facts of the case, he recommended me to consider going for removal of the tumor kidney as he is also of the opinion the removal would assist the body in dealing with less tumor cells thereby facilitating the treatment. He also prescribed me some homeopathic medication for the next two months until I meet him again in January 2010. The strategy that he has adopted is to ensure the tumor/nodules does not deteriorate and spread. Once that is achieved, he will begin the second phase of reducing the size of the nodules in my lungs.

As I have said earlier, my modified Gerson therapy of detox and juicing is not the complete therapy and juicing alone WILL NOT help to heal a cancer patient. I am a very good example. What I did up to now is only managed to slow down the growth, to buy myself time so that I can find the appropriate treatment - in this case homeopathy. To heal, we must still deal with the tumor cells. I am most likely to do my surgery at SJMC using the keyhole surgery method while allows the patient to heal faster but cost 25% more.

On Sunday, I finally managed to summon the courage to inform my parents of my actual condition. My mother is wondering all this while why I am going here and there to meet this or that doctor and now that I may want to proceed with the operation, why do I still need to do medication? I had planned to reveal a little at a time so that she will not be shocked with the news and it looks that the plan is working. She accepted the news calmly and shed some tears in between. I was holding on for as long as I can while taking my lunch. I quickly went to wash my plate upon completion and also wipe out my tears. I need to show to my mother that although I am down with a very serious problem, I am having it under control. Then she said I would overcome this difficult chapter in my life and I told her yes I would. That evening, we packed dinner and ate with my parents. My mother normally do not cook on Sundays but I told my wife and kids, we need to be close to my parents to offer support to each other.

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