Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cosmic Energy

Thanks to a friend and ex-colleague, JC I was introduced to cosmic energy healing. The Puchong Group which is based at 14th Mile, MCA Puchong Branch meets every Tuesday evening from 8.30pm onwards for the purpose of providing free healing to anyone. I was introduced to a senior Master Jason.

On 17 November 2009, the session was almost cancelled due to the continuous rain but at around 8.30pm Master Jason called and said the rain has stopped and the center will be proving healing service. After arriving to the center, I noted that were five (three seniors and two juniors) Masters who were on hand to provide the healing service. However, due to the nature of my sickness, I will be treated last as the three seniors needs to form a triangle around me to provide complete energy transfer. Master Jason explained that eveybody is born with natural healing powers. However, as one grows older, the healing powers are lost and as a result the body may not be able to heal itself properly.

The Masters have to go trough formal traning lessons to learn the technique. First, the Grandmaster will "open" their chakras to enable the energy to flow. With proper training, the students will then learn how to harness the energy for self healing and also to "transfer" the energy to a sick person to improve his or her healing. After explaining the procedure, Master Jason asked to sit on a stool and the three senior Masters forming a triangle and begin a seiors of hand movements. I was asked to breath in and out three times before the procedure began. I closed my eyes and began to meditate. Once the opening movements was over, the Masters using their fingers began to touch my left and right hand while Master Jason was touching my back. There was accompaning music and instructions in Mandarin. I felt a warm feeling and after about 15 minutes, the first session ended and the Masters stopped to recharge their energy. A subsequent therapy was then performed and this also lastered about 15 minutes. Finally, another lady, the most senior of the healers came to access my situation. She walk aound me with a series of hand movements and the procedue lasted about 5 minutes when she said it's complete. I was told to drink water and relax a little bit before driving home.

I do not know what to make of it yet at this moment. Judging from the steady flow of old people, I believe the healing must helped somewhat. It's too early to tell and I was asked to come back next Tuesday to continue. I was also informed about a case wherein a man who had cancer also had the cosmic energy treatment. Apparently he did not make it by he left in a peaceful manner. I also do not know what other therapies the man took. Just before I lest, MAster Jason told me that their Grandmaster will be conducting a lesson this Sunday at Chinese Assembly Hall and he will ask her if she is willing to "open" my chakras for me. I was asked to be on standby ion case she consents. I was told that would help in the healing teremdously.

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