Monday, November 23, 2009

Manic Monday

The title of today's blog was taken from a song of the same title. I do like a few numbers from the Bangles.

This morning, I had some errands to run. I had volunteer to take my nephew's preowned car for inspection and thereafter for ownership transfer. The inspection at Puspakom was smooth but the procedures at the Road Transport Department, although has improved from leaps and bounds since my last ownership transfer in the 1980s is best described as strange. When you do your own onership transfer, the clerk will ask on who's behalf are you doing it for. If for your own or for your son and duaghter, they have special counter for such transactions. If for your relatives, then you transact yet another counter and finally for commercial transactions such as used card delaers, you go through the normal counters. Why such arrangement, I do not understand. The surprise came when I made payment. They only accept postal order! What? The form says cash or postal order. So I made a dash to the mini post office (located downstairs) and come back. By then the queue was slightly longer and I got to wait for my turn again. But I must admit, the time taken now to do the transfer is only a couple of minutes

Upon completion of my errands and reaching home, I had stomach upset. It was rather painful and this was the first time it happened since I started the Gerson therapy. It thought it may have been caused by the apple+carrot juice that I stored in the thermos which I drank earlier. Before I left for my errands, I had boiled the coffee in anticipation I would perform the coffee enema upon my return. I also had to catch up on the fruits and vegetables juicing. The cold coffee caused some problems during administration. The coffee enema session was the worst I had to date. The spasm was frequent and painful stomach did not help either. I could not hold for more than 10 minutes and decided to let go. To my surprise, when the coffee was released, my stomach upset was gone!

I had time to catch up with an old friend who accompanied me while I was doing the errands. He said except for some weight loss, I looked fine. I explained to him the therapies that I was doing and he said it must be working. I really hope so. My mouth ulcer was bad yesterday, caused me great difficulty in talking and eating. So I cheated a little. I applied Oral Aid for the day. It helped. But today, it seems much better and I hope it will recover in a day or two's time. The pimples that I experienced last week are all gone. But the hotness that I experience after taking the morning pill for the homeopathy medicine is still there, though not so pronounced.

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