Monday, November 16, 2009

Cameron Highlands, Here I Come!

Now that my condition has stabilised, I am thinking of checking out Cameron Highland as an alternative place to spend sometime there as my homeopathy practitioner said it would help. I like the highland's cool weather and laid back atmosphere. I had always wanted to retire at Cameron and now it's a good time to try out if that place is suitable for me. Sometimes the place you like when you are on holiday may not be the same place you want for everyday living. Still this is an opportunity not to miss. I plan to go there this Wednesday and come back on Friday early evening or Saturday early morning.

I will be spending only three days this time. The main reason is that I have not found a place where I can buy organic vegetables and fruits. I think getting vegetables may not be a problem as I found out there is one organic shop cum restaurant in Brinchang but getting organic apples and maybe carrots may be a problem. So what I am doing this round is just to bring 3 days supply up there to check out the place. Although I have been visiting Cameron for the past 25 years, at least once each year, I was not into organic stuffs until now. The next challenge is doing coffee enema in Cameron. With the average day and night time temperature of 23°C and 10°C respectively, the wet bathroom floor can be really cold like a slab of ice. I will have to bring a plank with some towel padding to rest on.

Tomorrow night, I will pay a visit to the Puchong chapter of the cosmic energy group. This group give free cosmic healing to people every Tuesday, 8.30pm at MCA Puchong Branch. I will try and learn as much as possible what this cosmic energy is all about and how it can help in my existing therapies. I will also join the Qigong class this Saturday from 4pm to 6pm at Lick Hung School.

My present therapies will continue and I will perform another CT scan around the middle of January 2010 to access the situation. I believe if my present condition prevails, then the outcome should not be worst off than the condition now but may see some regression.

I do not have Internet access at Cameron Highland but I will try and upload to my blog, hopefully on a daily basis.

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  1. Chang,

    Great to learn the progress you are making, good break in Cameron Highland, yr favourite is a great idea.