Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 November 2009

I have been feeling very good of late. I can communicate and understand much better with my own body. This is important because you are dealing with a life and death situation. So you must know how to respond when your body tells you something is not right from the food you took. I think my routine has stabilised and this contributes to energy levels. From my family point of view, the disease has brought the family closer together. My two sisters and brother is now spending more time with my parents. I think we had drifted apart when all of us were married, moved out and have our own problems and families to take care.

I will now continue with part 2 of my treatment.

2. Modified Gerson Therapy (continued)
c. Detox

I started with coffee enema detox. Initially I had planned 5 a day but found it quite a challenge to follow and ended up doing four a day for about 2 weeks in the beginning. I subsequently reduced it to three time a week. I had wanted to alternate between coffee enema with castor oil and have not found a way to administer the castor oil while lying down. I found the first coffee enema of the day to be most difficult especially if you have not had bowel movement.

The coffee enema had proved to be quite good for me. After 30 years of pain around my shoulder and neck, the pain has subsided and the muscle around the shoulder has now become more tender and not painful when pressed upon. I don't have to go for massages anymore. However, when I started taking the apricot seeds, a little pain came back around the neck and shoulder. I am not sure if the two are co-related or not. Despite stopping to eat the seeds for over a week now, the pain is still lingering on, so I guess I will just have to continue with my detox in the hope that it will subside over a period of time.

d. Supplements
I try and take as many of the supplements recommended by Gerson but some of them cannot be purchased at pharmacies. I also tried to order from the Internet and some of them would not supply to Malaysia, especially on vitamin B17.

The supplements that I am taking include Ohhira mountain fruits extract, Q10 coenzyme, kelp, naicin, k-salt and wheat grass.

3. Homeopathy Medicine
My homeopathy medicine that was prescribed to me by Dr Ramakrishnan will last for two months. This treatment is to supplement what I cannot do in the Gerson treatment and both the treatment are complementary and does not clash with each other. Homeopathy therapy does not prescribe any dietary requirements and it is left to the individual to decide.

I believe with both therapies, I would be able to control the tumors much better.

4. Spiritual Therapy
My current tumor could possibly be traced back to year 1999 when I had my "mid life crisis". I was then working in a American Insurance Company as an AVP of Finance. The was so much politics in the workplace that I find it unbearable and just resigned to go freelance. Freelance although gave me the flexibility but found the income unstable and became depressed for a short period of time. I started soul searching, visited some mountains and monasteries in Nepal. Although I am a Buddhist from birth, I did not know anything about Buddhism. Until 1999, I had been once a year Buddhist and placed very time on spiritual aspects for myself. Having worked and understand the world better, I need to understand why I am in such a predicament? I revisited Buddhism and found my answers and from then on pour over hundreds of books and scriptures. In Buddhism, the most difficult part is not the books or the believe system but the practice. So my friends, I have found my salvation in Buddhism and spiritually fulfilled. So there is no need to worry for me.

I am planning to carry out my pilgrimage to India and Nepal in mid December 2009 to strengthen my faith in Buddhism and I believe this will aid my recovery faster. The travel arrangements have been made.

5. Surgery
My urologist and oncologist in Singapore both suggested that I remove my kidney tumor to help the body. My homeopathy doctor also recommended me to consider provided there are no complications. My main worry is that the body may also become weaker. Although the doctors said the tumor could spread to other areas if not removed, the cancer cells is already in the bloodstream and it has been shown that cancer patients who had taken surgery do see the re-emergence of the tumor elsewhere. My KL oncologist warned that this could happen.

Tomorrow, I will be talking to a urologist at Pantai Hospital to talk about the operation using the pinhole method. This method would allow me to recover quicker. The other consideration is when to take the operation. My preference is to have it in early January 2010. The other option is possibly next week itself. I am hoping that my present therapies would show some results by December 2009 and do another scan in late December to see if the tumor has stopped growing or better still regress a bit. If that happens, then I may not need to do the operation all together. This may be wishful thinking but I have read many testimonies of such happenings.

The above concludes the main therapies that I am taking. Based on my current condition, I believe I have found the right formulae and will continue to monitor on a daily basis for changes in my body.

The next stage now is how to further improve on the present condition. There are a few things I want to do and will write them in tomorrow's blog.


  1. I have been reading your blog since last week. I am really touched and no words can describe my feelings right now towards your family, parents and your fight against your sickness.

    I remembered you done a full marathon before many years ago from Selangor Padang till Zoo Negara and back. And just like the marathon, I am sure you can complete this race again.

    Sounds like you are now in full control of what you want to do and that's good as no one else knows your body better.

    Get well soon!!!

    How Beng

  2. Dear How Beng,

    Of all the challenges that I had, this is one difficult race. Since the last two months, I have only been forward looking. The running of the race takes a lot of preparation and energy. The journey itself is another life experience.

    I have only one outcome, that is to complete the race.

    Thanks for visiting and the words of encouragement. All these are fuel I need for the race.