Sunday, November 22, 2009

Practical Coffee Enema How To

Oh no, not another item on coffee enema. No, I am not going into the technicalities. The Little Coffee Enema booklet does an excellent job already. I encourage everyone to do coffee enema. I learned this from trial and error and save you the hassle. This is my practical aspects of doing coffee enema. I have been doing coffee enema for two months now, hardly a veteran but I have done more than 200 enemas to my credit. I did 4 enemas in a day on my first month and then reduced it to 3 times a day subsequently. For some of my friends who does it once a week, that is equivalent to their four years.

Training Period
Based on what I read, talking to people who take enemas and my own experience, most beginners are not able to hold for more than 3 minutes during their first few tries. I took a week or about 28 tries before I could get to pass 10 minutes. This is where the problem is. When you lost control and the coffee oozes out, what you get is a dirty bathroom. Difficult to clean and it becomes smelly since the feces are also discharged. So you need some training.

My suggestion is this, after the enema is completely administered, do not lye down. Instead, go and sit in the toilet bowl. Train yourself to hold for as long as possible. If you can hold for 8 minutes or more, then consider your training completed and you can now move to the next phase.

Please note that due to the gravitional force on the coffee, you will feel teremdous pressure to release. This is required for the training and bear with it as much as you can. Please also urinate and empty your bowel before you begin.

Doing The Full Enema
Once you completed the training, completing the full enema becomes easier. Get ready a big plastic bag, the size of the opening is big enough to cover your whole buttock. This is the catch the oozing coffee in case you cannot hold. Once the coffee is completely administered, you lye on the the right side for a full 15 minutes for the coffee to take effect. During this time you will experience spasm and also pressure to release. Because of your earlier training, you will not release and you should be able to complete the full 15 minutes without any coffee escaping. Once your 15 minutes is up, then go and sit in the toilet bowl and release. Your toilet will be clean, not the dirty and smelly ones that I read that was experienced by some Gerson patients.

Other Information
If you are doing frequently enemas like me, consider buying KY lubricant. Inserting the small tube through the anus frequently, can cause soreness and can also be painful. Apply just a little drop (size of a soya bean) to the tip of the tube before you insert. Applying too much would cause the tube to slide out during the coffee administration.

When I first started, I did the coffee enema sitting for almost two months. What I noticed was that after one month, did not see any further improvement. Some pain on my neck which was gone earlier came back. The discharge is not smelly any more. According to The Coffee Enema Booklet, there are good reasons why it should be done lying on your right position. Follow it. I have been doing this for two days now. The discharge is really smelly now and I am getting some flare-up. Pain in the neck is fading.

You may also want to listen to some soothing music when doing enema. Also make sure the floor is adequately paded with soft sponge for your own comfort.

It works for me and I hope it also works for you too.

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