Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 November 2009

I had expected my mother to feel sad for a couple of days but when my youngest daughter Wai Ling told me that she has been crying the last two days, I thought I better have a word with her. First I plan to have her visit a temple in Chinatown to make some offering that would possible appease her. On the way to the temple, I asked her why she felt so sad? She said what has she done wrong for the God to punish her. I told her that according to the Buddhist scriptures on karma, she has done nothing wrong. That's why she cannot find anything wrong. Instead, the wrong was committed by me and I have to pay it back in this or future life. It may have been a wrong in my last life and/or it could also be my own undoing because of the food that I took in my present life. Everybody reaps the karma as they sow. I told her now that I understand the workings of karma, it's better I pay of my debts during this life. I said that she should be happy because her son is still able to get around and take care of himself. The therapy that I am taking is showing some progress and I should be able to overcome this big huddle of life. I think she felt relieved and became happier.

Today is also exactly two months after I discovered my tumor. Two months is actually a long time for cancer patients because when you have cancer, the doctors normally tell you how many month you have left to live. I feel great and there has not been any major symptoms development. Some of those problems that I am facing could be flare-ups but I am not sure. I am going to review the treatment that I have done to date. Somethings I did was good but some was not so good.

1. Urine therapy
I know many of you will be laughing and turned off by this therapy. I can assure you that your own urine is very safe for consumption. I started this therapy within a week or about 18 September after I discovered the tumor. The first urine in the morning is the most potent and that's why I drink the morning urine. When drinking your own urine, especially in the beginning, you may want to have a cup of water with you. When drinking, it is better not to breath and complete the drinking at one go. Then wash it down with the drinking water and brush your teeth immediately. Your urine will continue to taste "better" and bitter when you move to a fully vegetarian diet.

You can Google for the benefits of urine therapy but this is what actually happened to me. Within the first week of the therapy I had bowel movements about 3 to 4 times a day for 7 days in a row. I think it really emptied my intestines because some of the things that came out was blackish and really smelly. Bowel movement became normal after that. By the third week, I noticed pinkish on my cheeks and my skin, especially on the face began to feel softer and smoother. The roughness is all gone!

2. Modified Gerson therapy
a. Gerson Diet
When you first go into the Gerson therapy, most likely you will lose weight. I also understand from my friends who went vegetarian, they also lost weight. For cancer patients, losing weight is a very bad sign. Even when I started the Gerson therapy, I was overweight at 80 kgs and within three weeks on the Gerson diet, I lost 8 kgs. My teacher for the Gerson diet was the books written by Dr Max Gerson's A cancer Therapy and Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker's The Gerson Therapy. Of course I panic. Even at 72kgs (I'm 169cm in height), according to my BMI I am considered overweight but I am having cancer. I cannot afford to lose weight so quickly!

I think I did some things wrongly. Firstly, when I started (on third week after tumor discovery), I did not even have a juicer! I was looking for one but could not find the recommended one. So I was not drinking any fruit and vegetable juices. I spend much of my afternoon taking naps. I only switched to organic vegetarian diet. I realised this is not good. I was feeling very weak in energy levels and always hungry. My wife was furious about my decision to look for the best juicer. She told me to quickly get one so that I can start right away. The reason is to ensure that the body does not deteriorate. Point taken and I found the Power Green juicer from Korea, marketed as Samson brand in USA and Singapore. When I started to juice hourly, my energy level immediately improved, less sleepy (does not take afternoon naps anymore), less hungry and my weight started to stabilise.

The second mistake was that I took too little organic brown rice. The Gerson therapy recommended potatoes (possibly tailored for Western diet) for which I modified and substituted with organic brown rice. The vegetables which I took earlier was steamed (Gerson recommended a different way of preparing) which was crunchy but a bit hard to eat. I then had it boiled with a little water instead. The vegetables became softer and easier to eat. I began to eat more. In between I also took fruits like organic bananas, papayas, raw corn, boiled potatoes, rye bread, oats and sweet potatoes. When on vegetarian diet, the person always feel hungry. That's why I am trying to make rye bread (with raisins) so that I can have it anytime I feel hungry. There was also two days when I panic and ate fish for lunch after I lost weight. I thought I was not getting enough protein but that was a big mistake. Realising it on the third day, I stopped immediately.

b) Fruits and vegetables Juicing
Getting organic fruits and vegetables in Malaysia is expensive. Some fruits and vegetables are imported from Australia, New Zealand and USA. As a results, apples and oranges can costs RM15 - 25 a kilo depending on where you buy them. I may want to try other sources. Alternating between carrot, apple/carrot and vegetables juices throughout the day. Sometimes I end my last juicing till 10pm and this is not so good. This is because after every juice drinking, it will be followed by urination. If you end your juicing late, it also means waking up in the middle of the night to urinate and this can disturb your sleep. So, I am now starting earlier and hope to end the last juicing by 8pm latest.

After reading Philip Day's book CANCER Why We're Still Dying To Know the Truth, I followed one of its recommendation to take 6 apricot seeds every hour or about 50-60 seeds a day. I had wanted the laetrile or vitamin B17. This was also a mistake. I noticed changes in my body such as pain around the ribs, arm pits and thighs. This is because there are too much protein and oil in the seeds. I quickly stopped it and the pain subsided. The Gerson therapy also recommends consumption of laetrile but is best obtained directly from tablet form but it is not sold in Malaysia. Will have to find other ways of getting this supplement.

I will continue the rest in tomorrow's blog.

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