Monday, July 19, 2010

The Truth Will Set You Free

I have been coughing once in a while, mostly in the morning. I still notice small amounts of blood clots in the phelgm. So far there has not been any deterioration in the lungs area, no pain and the like was detected. This could be the lungs clearing itself of, hopefully dead tumor cells. Hey, lets not get too depressed with this development which I think is a positive sign.

The shoulder area pain is still bodering me yesterday. I am not sure if this was caused by the light massage I took earlier in the day. I spend the whole night sleeping without pillow as this seems give me least discomfort but this is also not my usual way of sleeping, so it will take time getting used to it. So my sleep has been affected a bit. I am still feeling fine. The last few days, my qigong classes was cut short because of the weather. There is a tendency to drizzle in the morning but only for a while.

A case I mentioned recently wherein I was providing support via email, the couple finally called me. I asked the wife (who has cancer) to tell me what she did (juicing, diet and coffee enema, etc). I wanted to know if she is following the Gerson Therapy (GT) correctly. About an hour later, the husband called and he also told me his version of the what the wife did. What the husband told me was more in line with the GT but the wife said otherwise. I tend to believe the wife because if she had read the GT (which she did not) and followed it, she should not have encountered many of her problems. I still don't understand why one of them cannot be truthful with me, the only reason I could think of is they are afraid I may scold. Even if I did (I did not by the way) is to emphasize the importance of adherence to the therapy because a life is at stake here. Anyway I have suggested a few changes that she should make and hopefully she will follow and see some improvements.

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