Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Plodding On

I am not going through a coughing spell, only that once in a while I cough, possibly to expell something inside my body. Anyway, at the time of writing this post, I have yet to cough and examination of my chest area did not show any adverse signs. My breathing is normal and there are no signs of deterioration around the chest area. The vein around my right side just under the rib area is still a little painful when pressed against. So what I did was just to lightly massage the area.

The trip to Singapore has exhausted me physically because I spend quite a lot of time walking around. I will probably need a day or two more to recover fully. I will suspend my coffee enema till Saturday, to allow the body a whole week to adjust and see if my bowel movements can come back to normalcy without the aid of any enemas. My body is also a little stiff and I had a little problem doing the bending qigong exercises. Still I geel good after the exercises, though it was a little tiring this morning. My next batch of mouth ulcers has started to develop. Still, I am happy to be alive and kicking.

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