Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Better

Yesterday was a tiring day for me. Despite the afternoon nap, I was still not in the "mood". By late afternoon, I was developing early symptoms of flu and was sneezing unusually more. The back was aching, not sure if it from Sunday's massage or from the flu that is developing. By early evening, my body temperature started to increase slightly and after dinner I quickly prepare to take my night enema. However, just before I started the enema, the flu like symptoms started to subside a bit and I was feeling a little cold.

This morning, I woke up feeling better but noticed that my body temperature is still a little high. The qigong exercises was good and I felt much better after the exercises. I have developed one mouth ulcer but everything else looks normal. The chest area appears quite, whatever that has been brewing yesterday seems to have stopped. Breathing is normal and no coughing. I believe I would be more energetic when I complete the morning enema and as the day progresses. Cheer up, it's a lovely day!

The sound quality from the Philips Music Cube that I bought on Sunday is actually quite good. Despite the smallness of the speaker powered by a 3.5" woofer, the clarity of the sound is good and is biased towards the bass and drums, i.e. lower tones. The bass and drums sound very deep and full, though I would prefer some balance at higher tones.

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